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Ruptured Disc due to STRESS?

I'm going to ask everyone & anyone... Has anybody ever had a pinched nerve due to STRESS? I've been living w what I thought was a "kink" in my left blade, shoulder, which caused left arm pain for months... Until my left hand and 2 fingers were "pins & needles." Get this part. I work on the Neuro floor of a hospital w back and neck pts everyday. I know all about Degenerative Disc Disease, blah blah blah. (Sorry-- trying to roll this all in one...)

My work wont let us work w restrictions (no heavy lifting). The Dr and everyone keeps asking me what I did to injure this area. Im going for an MRI in 2 hrs... I cannot pin point an incident. But I can pin point a time frame of when this started... My husband went off on a drinking bindge for 3-4 days, MIA, no phone call, phone shut off, nobody knew anything. Yes, I need to get out, but feel trapped due to no work, no income, a child in college ($$$).

As a health professional, i know stress can cause physical & mental damage. Not to mention our floor is incredibley short, work is a non stop, run run run, dont eat, break, etc for 12 hrs, 4 hours sleep, then all over again for another 2-3 days. Nothing gets done at home, and my husband is drunk 24/7, and always on my case...

Stresssed? Yes. But in reality, can you pinch a nerve due to over stressed? Anyone?
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i think anything is possible but i had something like that for months hurt like hell same with the upper left shoulder blade and neck area hurt to turn my head I thought i slept wrong and that pinched it.  If i messed with trying to turn it crack my neck it made it completely worse i left it alone tried to ignore it and finally after a few months it went away i used a different pillow and tried to watch how i slept.  I also have a lot of stress so maybe that was it after all
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Stress causes inflammation - but I don't see it being mental stress - perhaps physical stress and the problem traveled - that wouldn't be surprising that you're running on empty during the work week.  However - you work in a hospital =) so you're doing the right thing by grabbing an MRI.  I hope it turns out to be something minor.
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I really dont believe that too much even that much stress could cause a pinched nerve. I think somehow you injured yourself! Stress can do alot of things, but causing pain I highly doubt. I have a pinched nerve and it was cause by a terrible car accident. All the trauma that your arm went through during whatever you did, has to be the answer. Hopefully the mri showed something to help you out and most likely telling your hubby that if he doesnt get his sh(( together you are out, will help you from going through that again. Hope this was somewhat helpful?
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I had a horrible spasm left shoulder blade once.  It lasted for days and felt like I had injured myself.  My left side was completely useless with tingling, numbness, pain, you name it.  Get a massage and try not to worry so much about your husband.  He's a big boy and if he wants to ruin his life, why ruin yours?
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