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Sharp cheekbone pain during acute stress (with temp. Lines on skin)

Hi. First, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Jana. Hello folks. :)

I have problems with nervousness, fear, and paranoia. I am over-emotional and have crying/laughing/angry/lonely/hyper/exhausted bouts in an average day w/o medication. I am currently taking Wellbutrin and paxil so the daily emotional tangents are much lesser. But I find it very hard to cope with stress no matter how many times i try to tell my brain to slow down and assess situations reasonably. So living my life this way, it was a year ago that I developed this problem with facial pain during stress. This pain is strong in the eyes, but more-so in my cheekbones.
Yes, when I feel sudden, acute stress that carries on for more than an hour or so, my actual cheek BONES feel sore on the inside, under the skin. Accompanied by this soreness, one or both cheekbones (the right always, the left sometimes) develop a line that almost looks like a wrinkle, that slashes through the very middle of my cheekbone. No! I am not taking about the under-eye bags, this is lower, closer to the bottom of my cheekbone area. I have large cheekbones so this is pretty low. They are not red, swollen, dark, or anything. They look like I just suddenly developed two wrinkle lines through the middle both my cheeks. The thing is, once the stressor is gone or dealt with and I return to normal emotional levels, the pain dissipates in my cheekbones and these lines fade some, and then completely after a day, sometimes two days, until the next time I feel extremely stressed, and the process begins again.

I have not found ANYTHING online about this kind of thing, and it is absurd to me, and frustrating as well.

A little more medical information about me: I have chronic knee pain that gets worse after sitting to long, being up and about to long, when im cold, and when I'm stressed. I have not gone to the doctor about it. It started when I was 19. They also creak, crack, pop and feel grindy when you touch them and move the knee up and down. I have graying hairs. I am 22 years old.

Any input on pains in the face, eyes, bones from stress, what it is and what it is causing to me, etc. would greatly be appreciated.
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Jana, hi and welcome to the forum.

You probably suffer from adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism (possibly secondary or type2/thyroid resistance)

I will read again your post over the weekend and see if I can detect anything significant which I can explain further and make suggestions.

Meanwhile look into adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.
There's a test you can do for low thyroid function on your own.
Dr.Barnes Basal Temperature Test. Just look it up online and follow the simple instructions precisely.

Best wishes.
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