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Stress and Shingles

Hello everyone,
I was under extrem stress, anxiety, and depression for about one year, then I got a lot symptoms such IBS, eye floaters, panic attack. After I managed my stress and I was enable to go back to normal life, I had developed shingles   which threw me back to stress and anxiety and made think that I have underlying disease.

Can stress causes those symtoms and shingles at someone who is only 24 years old?
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You should look into bartonella infection.
Symtoms of the condition are:
     anxiety, abdominal pain, swollen glands, sore soles of feet, eye pain, light sensitivity, fatigue, insomnia, leg tightness ( restless leg syndrome), heart palpitations, joint tenderness, stomach issues like IBS, rashes that can look like stretch marks and many more.
My husband and I were diagnosed with lyme disease and we also have this infection called bartonella. We have had many of these symptoms show up gradually over a ten year period. We went into some intense stress at one point and we got drastically worse. Stress weakens the immune system. The body is already under stress from the illness and adding any stress at this time makes everything ten times worse. At 24 you should be able to handle stess without these problems. My husband also developed shingles during his stressful period and we blame it on his condition with lyme disease and bartonella infection. We have been in treatment for lyme for a year now and have geat improvement. We are 47 and aren't able to bounce back like a 24 year old. We see a lyme md because lyme disease is being ignored by mainstream medicine. You can go to lymenet.org to find out more about it and where you can get tested. good luck. I hope this helps.
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I forgot to mention eye floaters and depression are also symptoms we suffer with. You do not have to have all of the above symptoms to have lyme or bartonella. My son who is 21 also has lyme and bartonella and does not suffer as much as us. He has terrible insomnia, light sensitivty, muscle tightness and muscle fatigue, stomach issues, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and at times a jittery  sensation ( we think it is caused by low blood sugar, we are not sure. At night he is wired and during the day he is tired.
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I was also thinking possible Lyme Disease when I read your post.  (I also have both Lyme and Bartonella.) I tested false negative twice, which delayed my diagnosis and treatment. I recommend you get tested at IGeneX where they do more advanced testing and find cases other routine labs miss.
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it all started one month ago when i had a protected
sex encounter with a girl on the very next day i
had flu like symtoms then i had sore throat
cough..it went away in 2-3 days,,then again
came ...well its been a month and i m fine but i m
having burning sensation in my feet and sometime in my palm,,..yesterday i feel like electronic waves in
my legs,,,from last one month i have been surfing
hiv related websites and try to match myself with
hiv symptoms...i m very stressd ..can concentrate on
anything,,,,it was safe sex so dr said that there is no
risk of hiv,,but i m stiff afraid after reading some website,,,can stress and anxity cause those burning
sensations in foot and plam,,plz reply
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Protected sex is not an absolute guarantee against HIV.  You should still be tested, if anything for peace of mind.  It would also be a very good idea to be tested for other STDs at the same time.

Stress can cause a surprising variety of symptoms, but burning sensations and electrical-type waves through the legs sounds neurological.  It could be an infection that started coincidentally after your sexual encounter, or it could be a non-infectious cause, too.

Doctors tend to dismiss symptoms that are vague or non-specific when they don't know what to do about it.  If your STD testing is negative, I encourage you to ask for further testing or a referral to an Infectious Disease doctor or to a neurologist.  If your doctor won't do anymore testing on you or give you a referral, I'd find another one.  It's inexcusable to me for a doctor to blow off such new and unusual symptoms as just stress without a thorough work up.

P.S.  An earlier poster mentioned Bartonella to the original person who started this thread.  Bartonella has been underestimated by the medical profession for a long time, and only recently have some observant doctors noticed that it can be quite serious. About 2 dozen insects transmit it to humans, including ticks.

It can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including neurological ones such as burning sensations.  Lab testing is highly unreliable.  There are dozens more genetic varietes than the tests look for, so if you test negative, you could do some research on your own to see if you want to pursue it further.
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     Shingles can come at any age.  My friend's son had shingles when he was a baby... poor little thing.
      I am so sorry that you are suffering so much anxiety and pain...
      As others have posted on here, it wouldn't hurt to be tested for Lyme or Bartonella disease.  At least you would know one way or the other if there were another underlying problem.
      Apis Malefica  and rhus toxicodendron can help with the Shingles pain.  These are natural remedies -
      I hope you feel better soon.
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