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Stress and Sleep

For about three weeks now I have not been sleeping at my usual hours.  I've been up every night and all night with my baby who is teething.  Then, in the early morning hours I make my husband breakfast and prepare his lunch (he starts work at 5AM) and around 7AM my toddler wants to play and eat breakfst.  I am constantly up around the clock and barely get any rest.   Needless to say that I have personal stressful issues (ie,  a wedding coming up,  work,  bills, etc).

My mother comes over on the weekends to help me out with the children so I can catch up on my rest but my toddler still wakes me up.  So,  here is an example of my most recent sleep patterns on a typical weekend:


And on the weekdays:

12PM-2PM (I nap when the children nap) Then I stay up until 3 or 4AM.

I still feel extremely fatigued.  I dont get any rest and when I do I still wake up feeling tired.  Is this because my sleep patterns were off and I am starting to readjust again?  

I went to the doctor last month for a regualr check up.  I have terrible sinuses which my doctor said could be another reason as to why I am so tired.  I stopped taking allergy meds because they made me VERY DROWSY.  The doc ran some blood tests and everything came back great (no diabetes,  decent cholesterol level,  no anemia,  etc.).

Just wondering if it is normal to feel unrested even though I am trying to catch up. Sometimes my body feels too weak to even move a finger (although I remain active by force).  My arms, legs, and eyes feel heavy.  If it is not normal then what could be causing this?

I know that this is a little off track but I heard that depression causes similar symptoms.
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I struggle with letting stuff go at night too so that I can sleep. Here's some suggestions that's supposed to help:

1. Try taking a warm bath a few hours before bedtime.
2. Drink a cup of Chamomile tea at night.
3. Turn off the TV and other noise and read for awhile before bedtime.
4. Try putting a drop or two of essential oil on your pillow before sleeping, either vanilla or lavender is supposed to be relaxing and help sleep.
5. Keep a pad and pen next to your bed and jot down all the things that are keeping you awake. It helps to write them down so that your mind can let it go. That way you know your list is there and you will get to it when you are awake.

It might not be a bad idea to be tested for sleep apnea, too, if this continues. Hope this helps a little!
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No, I was talking more about the actual feeling of fatigue. Like,  is it nomral to feel that weak when you are lack of rest?

I am up at ngiht because my baby is teething.  So,  I ust do not understand why I feel so fatigued because I try to get in a few hours of rest.  I still wake up sleepy and feeling lazy.
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