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Stress and uncomfortable


One year before i had a great fear for a particular reason and felt stressed, that time i had knee pains and lot of drouples in my body like body heat and all.

Especially when i sit in the cushion chairs and think about that fear, i was feeling that my body getting heat. So my friends were telling that cushion charis can produce the heat, so that might be the reason like that. But when i sit in the plastic/metal chairs also getting the same feelings.So mistakenly i also understood that chairs producing heat in our body.

Now my problem is even am taking stress relief tablets like Cpram S and Sulpitac, still am feeling uncomfortable when i sit in the chairs especially.

I have consulted the pshycatiry also, they took counselling and going on.

I am expecting your valuable replies and useful tips on this.Please reply me soon.

Thanks in advance.

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It is possible you are feeling anxiety for some reason, perhaps you are going through some emotional issues, we can and do get physical symptoms form anxiety and depression. Perhaps it is that you are over thinking, you say 'you sit on the cushion chairs and' think' about that fear.I do believe it is our thoughts that make us feel bad, its impossible to experience any negative feeling without first creating a negative corresponding thought. The truth is, our thinking will always create the reality we perceive. Avoid sitting in the chairs and see if you feel better, take a cushion and sit on the floor ,how does that feel,make sure the meds do not make you feel more anxious sometimes there are side effects, ask your Doctor if that is possible . Good Luck let us know how you are doing .
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