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Stress headaches?

I have been having on and off headaches all day that last seconds when looking at light. When I was born my doctor said I had big pupils and would be sensitive to light, but it's so bad the headaches aren't horrible I did have a headache as soon as I got home I sat at my computer monitor and it was horrible is this stress?  I have anxiety and it's pretty severe.  Should I worry?  I'm 14 and never had head promblem etc.
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Tension headaches are pretty common.  I would say that if you are sitting in front of your computer, you should take some breaks for movement and stretching.  Headaches like you describe actually often come from the neck muscles so move your head by looking down and touching your chin to your chest, then go the opposite direction looking up.  Go side to side.  Feel a stretch.  Stand up and stretch.  Go for a short walk or job.  Do a push up.  To relax eyes, look away from the computer and then find the farthest point you can see by looking out a window.  Stare at that point and then blink several times.  This relaxes your eyes.  good luck
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Agree with the above post.
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Nowadays, stress is a common problem among humans. To get rid of stress you can do some exercise, walk, and yoga also. If you are facing severe headache problem, you should visit to doctor ASAP.
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You might be suffering from migraine.  Consult your doctor. Depending on your symptoms your doctor will prescribe you the right treatment.

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