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Stressed Over Stomach Discomfort

It all started a month ago when I had a sudden onset of a terrible period, bloating in both upper and lower abdomen, and this gurgly feeling in my stomach. Like upper abdomen. And it's like that feeling when you're stomach is about to growl but doesn't and just keeps going and going. The feeling comes and goes now. I went to urgent care and the doctor wasn't worried at all. Just told me I could have IBS since I have high anxiety and this feeling. I also went to another doctor and she gave me a exam as well and said she can't feel anything abnormal and wasn't worried about what I was saying. I'm not waiting to see my general doctor to talk to her. I'm so freaking out over this. I constantly check in the mirror to see if it's sticking out and I obsess over if I will have a bowel movement and when and what it will look like. I can't stop researching things like stomach cancer or intestinal tumor or colon cancer. It's starting to ruin my life. Does anyone feel the same? Everyone around me thinks I just don't eat enough and that its my anxiety causing all of it. I just want to feel better again. I've been suffering with anxiety for years and I've had health anxiety before. I thought I had a brain tumor and then lupus and then leukemia so I'm not sure if this is another episode of that or something more.
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Why not have a few sessions of psychotherapy? And then take up some relaxing exercises like meditation and yoga.
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I just started therapy about two weeks ago. So I'm only a couple sessions in. The anxiety is as bad but it's still bad enough that Im obsessing over my abdomen. I just don't get why I can feel something and the doctors can't. How can my mind be making it up? Or why can't they explain what I feel is muscle or whatever? My anxiety is telling me it's the worst.
Hey annie

Psychosomatic pains are associated with health anxiety that's why you feel this way about your abdomen. But please do try to trust the experts. If doctors diagnosed you and checked you out for any illness then try to feel reassured to lessen the worry and reduce the anxiety. Its a good thing that you've started with therapy. CBT can greatly help you cope up with this health anxiety issues.

Just continue living healthy so you'll have a sense of certainty about your health. If you have any more inquiries don't hesitate to ask.

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