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Ok guys sorry if this is not even the right forum. Im new here and really dont wanna talk to my friends or family and stress them out too. So here these past couple of months ive been waking up in in night sweats having burning sensations throughout my body also im diagnosed with sinusitis and have a deviated septum and will most likely need surgery and have no insurance right now for it and to top it all off ive developed more facial pressure stomach issues bumps on my tongue, swollen lymph nodes, constipation at times  also im coming into a bottom wisdom tooth so im not sure if that has something to do with it I did go to dr. And she didn take any tests just looked at my throat and said sometimes when your sinuses dont drain right it does this and prescribed me amoxicillin which had no effect. and hair loss! Also I just had a baby 9 months ago and the father is away we won't get into detail so im kinda in this alone but im thankful for family and when  I tried dating again he seemed so great and turned out I was wrong and then thats when I really felt it started to feel alone I guess because it was too much all  at once and sometimes I just cry for no reason when im by myself. Im happy with my baby! So why cant I kick the sad feeling I can't sleep good at all. Sometimes all my symptoms get a little better when im busy. Im wondering if it's a postpartum thing maybe is that even possible this late? Sorry guys I just needed to  vent and realize I probably need to set up another appointment with a dr. Ive just been worried about a lot and hoping I get my insurance soon.
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Noninvasive transdermal medical grade CO2....
You will increase your blood flow with a five minute application that feels like water and if you check your vitals including your blood pressure blood oxygenation levels and perfusion index not only will you see improvements but you can absolutely feel less stressed

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