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Tension headaches or something else? HELP

I am a 18 years old female. I'm going insane because I'm in pain and I'm so tired of being in pain.
I have had symptoms such as:
Pain on left side of my back
Pain on the left side of my stomach/rib area
Arm and leg aches on the left sides
Headaches and sickness together
Migraines on the left side of my head
Head feels really heavy  
Extreme headaches which cause me to get very irritable and angry
Becoming happy to sad to very angry so quick
Drowsiness feeling dizzy out of nowhere
Hallucinations when trying to sleep & then after 10 minutes once realising I can't remember the hallucination
I get from hungry and eating a lot to then not hungry at all and refusing to eat anything
My legs and hands get shaky
Sweating a lot a night and feeling as though my heart beat is beating too fast

These symptoms were on going and then I came across a swollen lump on the left side of my head. I noticed it on Thursday and thought it might go as my family thought it's probably a bruise. By Sunday I was in a lot of pain and it still did not go it just got bigger. So I went to the hospital spoke to the doctor let her know what's going on. She said to me it's tension headaches that's caused the muscle on the left side of my head to tense. She prescribed me to take 1 or 2 tablets of Cocodamol (500mg) 4 times a day with 1 tablet of Ibuprofen. She did say to return by Wednesday if I am not better. It's now Tuesday early morning and ever since I've taken those tablets I feel so much more worse. With my symptoms I already had getting worse and having new symptoms occur such as:
Hiccups occurring at least 3 periods throughout a day
Releasing gas through burps and passing wind a lot
Pain when seeing light (if sunlight passes through the window or when a light is on)
Constant dry mouth
Losing the sense of taste - not able to taste what food or drink tastes like
Instant sickness and ache when smoking
Feeling numb around the body
Vomiting twice in one day

Although the swell has gotten down I just feel as though something is not right and need all the help and advice on what to do right now.
I have a family history of brain hemorages, strokes and cancer.

My friends and family think I should ask for scans to be taken to stay on the safe side.

I am going to a walk in centre to explain everything and to ask if I should go to get scans.
Does anybody know what's happening with me?
I just want some sort of answers
Thank you :(
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