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What are normal T3, T4 and TSH levels?

It started with sweating in my hands since my childhood. Sometimes my skin got dry and rough but sometimes it gets very oily. I'm 21 years old. From last year I'm facing hair loss from whole body like from whole hair. I have tried many DHT blockers and stuff to reduce the speed of hair but got no results. I'm also using a dandruff control shampoo because by using normal shampoo my hair gets dry and rough. I'm switching doctors and recently a doctor prescribed me T3 T4 and TSH test their result is T3=1.2 ng/ml T4=8.4 ug/dl and TSH=1.7 uU/ml. Can anyone help me to get these conditions cure, to stop hair fall sweating and all that stuff.
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Do you have a copy of the lab report for your T3, T4, and TSH tests?  There should be reference ranges on the lab report.  If you can post those ranges, I can help you determine if your results are normal or not.  Ranges vary from lab to lab so they have to come from your own report.  

Your TSH is within normal ranges, but I'm not sure about your T3 and T4 because it does depend on the range used by your lab.  I also have to ask if it says on the report whether the tests are for Free T3 and Free T4 or if they're just T3 and T4... That makes a difference, too because Free T3 is a different test than T3 and Free T4 is a different test than T4.  

With more information, I can help you.
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