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I know this is... not necessarily a medical question really. But I just want an actual answer. A lot of people love or like my favorite name and a lot of people hate the name also. I take negative comments harshly beince I'm on my time of the month LOL. I don't want to mention the name I love because I know people will say it's a horrible name like the people on Yahoo! Answers. But I will anyways. It's Todd. Yeah, I know, it's... bad. But I have a ton of reasons as to why I love it. It's just the thought of people and their negative opinions that put me down. And a lot of people think it sounds similar to unappealing things and so on. I don't know if I should consider keeping this as my favorite name since people think of it as a really bad name. I've always loved it until I read and heard the bad comments about it. Do you think I should keep it as my favorite name? I think I'm probably the only 15 year old girl that thinks it's an attractive name for a guy ha ha.
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Todd whats wrong with that,i dont think it is horrible there are worst names belive me,whatever you like is your choice and dont worry what others think,if we all liked the same things this world would be a pretty boring place to live in.
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Is this some sort of joke?? Its a name and wudn't be bothered what anyone said!!
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todd is a good name for a guy only   now yours should be briana or bri.
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I think people like/dont like certain names based on people theyve met with those names. I know at your age peoples opinions really matter to you, but with age you'll realise not to pay so much attention to it. peoples opinion should have no bearing on what you choose to like or do, altho i do wonder why you are obbsessing over a boys name?
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You should never think of changing your favorite anything no matter what anyone else thinks. Everyone has their own opinion, why does it matter what they think? How does what they think impact your life at all? You don't even control what you're attracted to. Your favorite  name may change by itself. You change, your favorites change. Happens all the time. Don't even worry about what they think. Who cares if your favorite name is Todd? That doesn't change you or affect you or anyone else. Don't worry about it.
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Thats  right Its YOUR FAVORITE NAME NOT theirs. You got for letting other know out there. very outspoken
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guts for letting others know.........
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