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What is happening to me

I'm just gonna sum it all up. Over a year ago I had my first panic attack after smoking weed, it was so traumatizing. It was a month after I turned 18. The next day I felt so out of my body, so spaced out, and from then on everyday I was constantly having chronic anxiety and overthinking my symptoms of depersonalization/derealization thinking to myself I've damaged my brain for good I'll never be the same. This went on for months. After that, I've lost my ability to be creative. I can't visualize things clear in my head. It's hard to connect ideas. My memory is so bad, very bad, like the kind where I have to actually think hard about what I did earlier in the day and yesterday. Anyway, essentially im a 19 year old expecting this. I've read online from tons of sources that traumatizing experiences can cause this, and am wondering if taking medication will benefit me. Anybody know any medications?
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Did you ever take any other drugs like Adderal or what not? Otherwise I would see a doctor because it could be something serious. I personally don't think it was from the weed but I would without a doubt go to a doctor and have them do check ups. This seems very unsafe.
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