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What is wrong with me? HELP!!!!!

Can all this be caused by aniexty and depression (stress) ?

In 2005 I had my first problem double vision and wierd visual things while driving; vehicles looking like they were in my lane, the houses were in the road and then when I would get up to them they would go back to the side of the road. All lights were double, everything to my left was double. Lots of pain in and behind my eye.

Had lots of dr. visits tests and MRI, all test normal but 1 small lesion was found by my eye and they said Possible MS we will keep an eye on you, BUT my neuro really thought it was just depression and anixety and I was put on Lexapro.

In Mar and Jul 07 full bladder cant empty. Left eye froze hurt to move, pain
Sept. Numbness R toe, ache R leg. R pinky, arm, burning
Twiching in eyes and my arm heavy
OCT pain L arm. weak,burns from elbow to my fingers. tingleling in fingers. Hospital 5 days.  
Burning feeling flowing from my head down my left side body, tingleing, double vision on outsides of L eye,  numbness in face lip, no balance, drag L leg, couldn't pick my foot up, Echo ,ringing, woshing Ear
Dizzy and vomiting
MRI 1 Lesion no changes, Bloodwork Normal, LP Normal

Numb pain in left arm muscle area, then in my right wrist.  Then in my left anckle and my legs burn and ache, startted limping. Really tired and memory is acting up, I try to tell someone something, I forget what I was talking about.  Or I tried to say medical and I could'nt I keep saying mental.  

After I took a shower yesterday in the bottom of my left eye I keep getting this wierd thing in my eye.  Hard to explain but, like a lighted jaggy line that wiggled all around.Only when I looked down to the left.  It went away after like an hour.  

I keep getting stabbing, burning, tingles in my face, my lip, arm, leg, wrist, back. Feelings of like a bug on me so I get ichy in that spot. They come and go and dance around the place. I get this everyday or every other day.  

I also get really bad pain in the left side of my back.  I have usually a full bladder. It gets alittle better when I go to the bathroom but it stay there for the day and night. I also have ringing in my ears alot and popping sounds.  A really bad stiff neck painy ache in shoulders and neck. Then I wake up fine and it slowly comes back.  But not the ringing it is always there.

I am scaried, and frustrated. The doctors and the tests are all saying NO MS. Then what is this?  Stress ?Then what is the Lexapro and the Neurontin doing? Shouldn't it be helping this?

I am going to see my family doctor to get a refill on the Lexapro and the Neurontin. Also, my neuro wants me to go to see a phychologist fot Anxiety and depression.  I think they are writing this off. I am affraid to keep pushing my family doctor for another referal to another neruo because I am affraid they will think that I am being anitious.  My insurance makes me have to have a referral.  I feel stuck.

What is this? Anyone?

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i have had a alot of these symptoms as well..& CT and Mri s...no answsers . they tell me what i don't have but not what i do have. I'm not into herbs and meditation at all but have to be honest and say they have both helped me more than drs drugs or therapy give it a try ..pray hard BELIEVE you wil be ok and you will feel better and get results ....God bless
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Thank you. I pray every night for all that.

I am going to ask for a referal for a neuropyschologist, to prove because I of the symptoms I have aniexty. Also, a neuro ophthamologist to see if this is Optical Neurosis causing my eye problems. And for a New Neurologist specializing in MS.

I'll let you know.

Thanks for the reply.

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