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Why do I get faint when I get angry?

Sometimes when I'm especially angry, I start to get faint. My mind clouds, and I feel... wierd. It's hard to explain... but I  used to have fainting spells when I was little and it feels a little like one of those coming on. My heart races and my knees get weak and can buckle, my muscles slacken and I can barely muster the strength to lift my arms. If it progresses my vision can start to fade and I clearly feel myself about to pass out... though it's never actually happened from this.

This only occurs when I am angry enough to fight- which, as a pacifist, is not all that often. It makes it almost impossible to stand up for myself, because if I'm being harassed and it breaks out into an argument, all they have to do is get me sufficiently riled up and I'm pretty much out for the count without their lifting a finger. See, I may like to avoid fights... but I am very quick to anger if one is purposely trying to mess with me. =/

I kinda think it might be high blood pressure or something, but as uneducated as I am on medical issues I'm not really sure.
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Sounds like you need to see a doctor to be checked for blood pressure as well as Atherosclerosis [ASVD] and other vascular diseases.

Your body reacts as a mechanism to keep blood going to your vital organs.

If it were I with those symptoms, I'd be in the doctor's office at the first opportunity. I'm surprised you haven't already seen a medical professional for these symptoms.

Good luck.
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When someone becomes as angry as you seem to, it could be a number of things.

Why dont you try NOT becoming so angry that your body reacts this way. Perhaps some for of anxiety medication might prove helpful. Another option is to do yoga, which teaches you how to relax.
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I get this when im upset or angry it progressively gets worse for me I just particularly feel dizzy and faint, I thought I had mental issues but turns out I don't the only disorders or mental things I have is a.d.d. attention deficit disorder and this intact makes me perticularly smart because I can think of many things at one I have created theoreys in my head beyond your imagination though I tend to forget the next couple of mins and go off doing something else the other is dysgraphia and insomnia. My memory is absolute poop and that's about it.  I have not been to the doctors because if I told my mum she would just say nice try Isaac trying to get out of school she believes I am a hypochondriac but all the things I have said lately have turned out true I advise you go to the doctors and don't be embarassed like me
I Wish you are better
A person Like You Should go to Psychologist or Psychiatrist or Neurologist or Other Person???
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**i apologise if something is wrong with the grammar because i am from different country

Well i get that to but to prevent that i kind of relax my body and feel tingles trough my whole body and than i am good but one time i got so angry,sad and hurt at the same time because i had a big fight with my parents and i was crying like never before(it is not usually for me to cry 'couse i don't cry but when i do i can't stop until there is nothing left to cry out) and i think i passed out because of it and when i woke up i couldn't remember why i was crying in the first place and i was out for about 2-3 hours or so. i remembered the next day everything come back to me because i had a fight with my mom about the same thing and i think that trigger it for me to remember.i think that i got a litttle of the topic so basically i almost have the same symptoms and my anger can trigger anything like anythig even the smallest argument can make me so angry that i am on verge to destroy  everything around me.
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I have recently had the same issue. I suddenly get so dizzy when say, my boyfriend says something outrageous and derogatory, and I don't stand for that crap so on a normal occasion a fight (verbal) would follow. Now I have to go away for a while to get past the dizzy vertigo floaty zapping feelings. I have tried speaking to my Dr. Yet I have no insurance that covers her visits so I can't afford to take longer to get the blood work and diagnosis and medication. I'm thinking I have to eat more, or it's one of the medications I take. The only other thing is low Fe Iron in the blood. Anemia, I saw on many Websites is a very common cause for dizziness as well. It's as if when my blood pressure rises, I get the vertigo/ funny weird feeling. I will be getting a full panel blood test with fasting for blood sugar check- and once I have a concrete answer I will visit the site again and post my results. I do this for all the people like me who type in the Google s arch bar "Why do I feel dizzy when I get angry?"
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This is called vasovagal syncope and is very common. The only danger is in injuring yourself should you actually pass out.

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