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Workplace bully

I have to work jobs to to pay for the flat and support my kid. My side job is great and my colleagues (many of whom I went to Uni withnare great) are the best. But my main job is a nightmare.

I’ve been there seven years and the work itself is fine but my superior is a bully who likes to stomp on those below him.

I find it extremely stressful to watch him pick on others and want to tell him to stop but fear losing my job. Would you speak up and tell him to stop it or clam up and keep working?

I’m thinking to anonymously report him to home office but am certain he’d figure out who it was.
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I lke where your heart is I have been there before.  It is hurtful to have to be wirness go that and now you have a witness to your very reasonable conflict.  First we have to develop a better range of possibilities for your than the two options you asked about.  I have to ask you if will accept this as reality right now whenever you see this.  I know how guilty you feel about allowing this and that is a trigger for you.  You also do not want to lose your job and you must worry about your flat and your child.  So whenevr you see this allow yourself to let go of the times you hesitated in doing anything.  You were smart in asking for help.  I also want you then to let go of the times you almost gave in or entertaoned doing it and had to tell convince yourself that you may not be an unreliable provider for your child.  How does the boss feel about you and/or treat you? How long have you worked for him?  Have you talked to any lf the ones he talks down to about why he does it or are you confident it is because he is just a bully?  Is he aggressive in his voice when he is correcting them physical? Or does he just randomly come through and talk to people like they are nothong to him and he walms away looking stone faced and unaffected?
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I am trying to decide if I am goimg to need to reach out tell my higher power because I
You are an innocent right now and these co-workers must mothave very high self worth.  Of je is polite to you or better respectful to you cause that can be used to intervene.  That is an idea.   If he doesnt disrespect you but you have not had any serious interactions then a direct intervention wohld not be smart.
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I will give you my personal advice and the rest can be disregarded if this works for you.  I am a combat veteran who spent a lot time defending people 3 sisters growing up, myslef, my war buddies, and all my impulsive destructive got me was trouble and loss.  You may not be persuaded by any advice I give but you are going to be faced with this feeling of a logical mature attitudr or a person who lets his decisions be influenced by these ignorant people and I think you need this lesson in perspective to pass on to your kid because they are going these problems when they are coming up.
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I like where your heart is as well and what a nice way to put that.  In all honesty, I'd start looking for another job.  He's been the boss for a long while now and management above him is not noticing nor are others speaking up.  I'd leave the situation.  And on the way out, report him.  good luck
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