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being to stressed

Can you lose a baby from being to stressed out and having a one year old always in your belly?
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First of all how far are you in your pregnacy? Any level of stress is harmful for your unborn child as you are its main life sorce, try to get as much rest as possible, over working yourself can cause your unborn childs heart rate to increase which would lead to a heart attack :(

If you are in your first Tri haveing your one year old on your stomich is fine, as the sack which holds your baby is actually in your pelvic area at the mommnet . I know this one bc my 5 year old jumped on my stomich and  I whent to the ER. lol all is well. Best of luck to you. Get rest try to eat right, if you cant eat much just eat a light snack.

Hope this helps
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Yes stress can hospitalize anyone! i speak from experience. i suffer from Panic Stress disorder...basically means i worry about EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY!! now that im answering this question for u i will always remember this and worry how you are! its just in my DNA to want to save the world even tho i know it will never be perfect.
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i have 3 kids an was always stressed out like many parents but dnt think it would annoy the unborn much jus try an take sum u tym wen ur 1 yr old is sleepin or take him/ her 4 walks...
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