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help losing weight

i need help losing weight ccan u help me? my bmi is 37.1 im 23 years old n i weight 190 i know im obese i want to lose weight so far all i eat is fruit veggies chicken n fish. n drink nothing but water..i try to not be tempted by juice. if i get to at least 150 ill be find! can u help me out?

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As far as your diet goes, it sounds as if you are eating the right things.  I'd suggest that you make sure to watch the portion of each food group you eat.  Are you watching calories, is your diet primarily supposed to be high protein???

Probably the most important thing you can do for your program is exercise..... nothing strenuous to start, a simple walk is fine.  Mileage is unimportant.  Pace in the beginning is unimportant.  20 minutes of steady exercise is a great way to start.

I would also suggest you speak with your physician before going any further, especially with exercise.
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You need to eat 8 small meals a day. That will keep your metabolism fast. Then u need to do a exercise program. Start with 2 mins of walking or running for a week then slowly try to beat that 2 mins, by eventually going to 4 mins. You will be at 10 by the time you know it and u will see the weight come off. Only weigh yourself like once a week, and write it all down. Hope this helps.
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The right weight lose plan for you will be based on several factors including how you metabolize food, activity level, and food preferences. It sounds like you are on the right track with fruits, vegetables and lean meat. If you will reduce your calorie intake and increase your physical activity, you will see that over time you will lose weight.

Don’t be impatient. You did not gain weight “over night,” and you will not lose it “over night” either. See it as a process. Set realistic goals like 2 or 3 pounds a week. Even at 2 pounds a week, you will be at your target in 5 months. If you get there sooner, that is great. If it takes you a few more weeks, so what? You still are moving in the right direction.

I lost 50 pounds in 6 months lowering my carbohydrates. It was easy for me because I could eat a reasonable volume of food – meat, vegetables, and nuts. So, I didn’t feel hungry as much. I loosely based my eating on the Atkins plan. I found some very helpful information at Atkins.com. I could eat the Atkins bars or shakes as a meal replacement which was convenient. Wal-Mart has the best prices on those. Be careful with fruit if you are doing a low carbohydrate diet. Fruit can be high in natural sugar content, but all of the needed explanations are at the Atkins website.  

Don’t get discouraged. Try to find someone who is supportive that can encourage you throughout the process.
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Your diet souds great..  Maybe more protien?
High protien, low carb. Cardiovascular workout, walking is great.  You can walk your way to your goal.  Get that metabolism going and attitude positive.  You go girl!!!!
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thank u so much for helping motivating me n being supportive. it means a lot. i will try my best and i do feel a lot lighter n i can do things without feeling tired like i used to walk up the stairs by the 6th step i would be tired. not any more! lol so hopefully bout half of it can come off by summer. thank u so much for helping me it means so much i greatly apprecate it
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