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is it depression

hi.  im a 40 yr old mother of a 19 yr old boy and 15 yr old twin girls.   the girls have stressed me out so much over the last year that im now at the point that nothing is getting to me anymore.  i have had 8 attacks of bells palsy in the last year and half, had a mri done and lesions showed up and im now being tested for MS.(had a lumbar puncture monday), other medical news of family members and everything.  the thing is that i know i should be upset about possible having ms and the other things going on but im not!  i just dont seem to care about anything...i have no energy and dont want to do anything and dont want to see anyone.  should i be worried or is it just a phase im going through and will get over it?
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Apathy can be part of depression. People think that depression is only just being sad, it's much more complex. Apathy, anger, mood swings, states of manic, and sadness can all be feelings of depression.

Now when it comes to depression there are lots of causes. Hormonal -thyroid disorders, straight serotonin problems, etc and these usually take medication of some kind. The other is environmental -so excess stress, seasons, or having a lot of things go wrong with your body at once. Personally, to me it sounds like the latter.

I suggest you ask for a referral to a counselor. It's really hard to deal with your body not acting right and it can definitely cause depression. I suggest counseling over just waiting because really even a "phase" of depression caused by something such as seasonal depression can get very bad and shouldn't be ignored. Also because it's quite possible this all has to do with trying to deal with your body maybe talking to someone about what's going on with you might help.
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Bell's Palsy and depression are well known symptoms of Lyme Disease, as is a reduced capacity for stress.  It can also cause brain lesions (I have 20 of them and was worked up for MS before my neuro decided I probably didn't have MS and referred me off to a teaching/research hospital).  I don't know where you are, but cases of Lyme have been reported in every state in the country, far more in some than others.

Part of the problem with Lyme is that many people test negative for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, doctors were taught years ago that the tests are really accurate, leading many people to be told they don't have it even when they do. Your best bet to either exclude or confirm it is a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) who knows how to make a clinical diagnosis based on history and symptoms, with tests as a help, not as an absolute diagnostic tool.

Document with a symptom list.

Please don't take any immune suppressing drugs or steroids unless you're completely confident that you don't have Lyme, as steroids will enable Lyme to get much worse amd make it harder to cure.  Most people with Lyme show up as "normal" on tests of immune function, unlike someone with an autoimmune disease who will usually show an over active immune system.

Good luck!
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i live in newfoudland canada so i dont think it could be lyme disease.
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From http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/id-mi/lyme-fs-eng.php#s8

"PHAC surveys the provinces and territories to assess the number of cases and distribution of Lyme disease in Canada. This survey does not capture all of the cases of Lyme disease in Canada, particularly cases of early Lyme disease. Recent studies suggest that the incidence of Lyme disease in Canada is increasing.
The risk for exposure to the disease is highest in regions where the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are known to be established. These regions are parts of southern and southeastern Quebec, southern and eastern Ontario, southeastern Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as much of southern British Columbia. Surveillance data indicates a small number of blacklegged ticks are introduced into widely separated areas of Canada by migratory birds, posing some risk that individuals in other areas may also be exposed to infected ticks.

Although rarer than Lyme disease, there are other infections that can also be contracted from blacklegged ticks. These include Anaplasma phagocytophilum, the agent of human granulocytic anaplasmosis; Babesia microti, the agent of human babesiosis and Powassan encephalitis virus. The precautions outlined above will also help to protect individuals from these infections."

I'm not saying it is lyme disease, but given that an infection is easily mistaken as anything between flu and lupus -it's something to rule out. Also the prevalence of lyme disease is highest on the North Eastern part of the US. Newfoundland is quite a bit more north, but if Maine to Pennsylvania have the highest rates... Newfoundland is really just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Also, while a lot of Bell's palsy happens for unknown reasons, has anyone suggested an MRI? My half siblings' grandfather suffered 3 bouts of what they thought was Bell's Palsy before dying from a stroke. His autopsy revealed that he had several minor strokes that went unknown before his major one- and they could have been part of the "Bell's Palsy". Again, not saying this is what it is but if you have any risk factors for stroke or cardiovascular disease you should talk to your doctor.
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