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is this stress thats doing this to me?

Hello guys!
i recently went to the doctor with this problem, but she thinks im to young to ttc so she told me to think about going on the pill. I am 19 years old coming 20. I would love to be able to have a baby with my partner of 3 years.
I have always stressed about my fertility. thinking i wouldn't be able to have kids, when i was 13 i was sexually abused by an older boy, i was taken to the children's hospital to get examined as soon as i seen the bed and the camera i freaked and never went through with it. it plays on the back of my mind that maybe that has stopped me having children. im 19 years old and been having un protected sex for just over a year now and no success!
on november the 5th af was due to visit and which she did, now i normally bleed for 4 day on a medium flow. and on the 5th i bled half of the day, at night i started spotting and noticed tiny little blood like jelly lumps on my tissue. the next day there was only a pink watery blood stain when i wiped. and was hardly marking a pad. the next day it was dark brown discharge. i wasn't sure what was going on so i left it and waited to see what would happen next,
i took ill on a day and couldn't stand the smell of any kind of food or cofee and i was being sick and was running to the loo! it lasted 24 hours. i was fine, i soon noticed i was being exhausted all the time i was coming home from work and going to sleep not wanting to spend much time with my family or boyfriend, i was snapping at my boyfriend over the silliest of little things and it was constant arguing one minute id be happy the next id be in tears everything was getting me down. since the 29th october i had stopped smoking so i didn't know if this had anything to do with it. my next visit from aunt flo was due on 4th december but she came on the 28th of November. three days prior to her coming i was experiencing cramps, on the day she came my cramps were worse than usal and every time i wiped there was these little jelly like clot things tiny though! i bled normal and in pain with cramps for a day then they stopped there was no sign of anything again after that, except the cramps i still have the cramps almost a week after she came? ive been feeling light headed and a few mild headaches but i took a pregnancy test on the 29th of november which came back negitive.
has anyone got some usful advice?
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oh while luck you
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Sounds like you're a bit out of whack Nicole, if I was you, I would stop fussing about with the western doctors who will run you to hell and back with all their guessing and poisons. Please go and find a good chinese herbalist/naturopath, I have found them to be amazingly acurate and whats more,  their potions and cures involve nothing that is going to hurt you further ( usually teas that target certain areas and food)When it comes to your productive system being a young woman, you really dont want to screw around with a medical system that hardly understands what the body does and why. These days I wouldnt go anywhere near them, just my humble opinion.  
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You sometimes get weird aversions to smells/foods etc when you're coming on or off of your period. It's the same with morning sickness sometimes!

The 'jelly' like clot things are just endometrial lining, it's nothing to worry about until you start passing huge clots, at which point you might need to see a obgyn.

As for stress, it could be a lot of things. I would monitor your ovulation with ovulation strips (Cheeeeap off of Amazon!) for a few months and chart your BBT. This can help/aid conception because you'll know when you're fertile!

If the cramps become unusual and off-beat as they have been even more, then I'd recommend a trip to the Dr to see if there's not something underlying.
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It takes good nutrition to be fertile.  Cigarettes rob you of oxygen and contain poisons.  They hook you with chemicals that your brain gets addicted to.  The companies purposely manipulate you with the addiction.  This is the time to overcome this addiction, so you can rebuild your health before getting pregnant.  One cause of infertility is Celiac disease, so get tested for that.  It's very common.  If you have it, with dietary changes you can restore your health by eliminating the inflammation it causes in your digestive tract, preventing absorption of nutrition.  If you DON"T have it, great.  You can just focus on avoiding soda pop (not sure what you call those in the UK) and drink filtered water and eat lots of whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, organic whenever possible.  Exercise by walking and working out.  You need good muscle tone and strength to carry a baby comfortably and deliver effectively.  Get healthy protein, eating lots of poultry and some fish, but avoid kinds that have high mercury, of course.  Some red meat is fine also, but if you eat lots of greens you can get some of your iron that way.  Greens are very important.  Try making turkey chili with lots of veggies.  Not only chili beans, but lima beans, sweet fresh or frozen corn, and chopped up spinach or kale or whatever greens.  You can add ground flax to it too.  Even raisins!  We need lots of different foods every day, and turkey chili stores well so you can freeze it ahead.  

To improve your cramps, take magnesium tab every morning and calcium and vitamin D at night.  Take a probiotic every day.  When digestion is working right and you are exercising, it helps your gynecological symptoms also, believe me!  Nothing you describe is alarming, but you can feel better and prepare yourself for a healthy pregnancy.  
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As far as the abuse affecting fertility, I am sure your doctor checked you for bacteria such as chlamydia that can cause PID.  Those tests are quite routine here.  I know abuse is awful, but you need to realize it's a lot more common than you know, and there is no reason to dwell on it.  It was not your fault and you were unprepared to defend yourself then, but you can be prepared for the future by taking self-defense.  It is empowering!  If your abuser was someone you know, it is particularly painful.  Wrrite the person a letter explaining how you know they were the wrong-doer and it hurt you and they are scum for doing it, but you are more powerful than they are and they are just a sad loser.  Take charge and process it so you can move on.  Be positive about what you can do to prepare yourself for pregnancy and don't obsess over things behind you.  Look forward and know you are in charge!  Stopping the smoking will be huge!  

The illness that caused you to "run to the loo" (so British) :)  was probably a 24-hour viral bug.  Try to keep your hands off your face and wash your hands often to avoid those in the future.    
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