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its an anxious obsession

   I came to know about it on the website. I have a strange problem and it keeps me depressed
  all the time.I am 23 years old and a virgin still.It all happened a year ago when we were on
  on a tourist trip in a group in India..one night while I was sleeping a woman of age around
   50 nearly my aunties age was sleeping besides me. While sleeping she kept her hand on my neck
   I thought she must be in dreams. So I gently kept her hand off my body. But in a short while
  she picked her saree she was wearing upwards. I was a sort of shocked and she was appearing naked
  below her belly. Althought I could not  see clearly but I knew it. So I felt it and slept somewhere else.
   Now the problem is that image comes in my mind as it was night it comes in a black shadow.
   It has turned into an obsession when it comes it makes me tense and I am not able to forget it and also feel guilty whenever
    it comes. I dont know how to express it to somebody and feel heavy all the time.
    Cant remain happy. Whenever I go among friends I feel that I am hiding somethin from them
     and cant feel natural. Please help me out with a workable solution. I can even pay
     for the advice if it clicks through western union money transfer. Please i need a good advice
     I am suffering for an year and even I took medicines for sometime but it didnt worked.

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This is not uncommon, the feeling of guilt and being unnatural around people you would normally feel comfortable around.  Do you go to school?  If so, the school probably offers free counseling and I urge you to take advantage of the service.  When you go to the counselor be sure to be completely 100% honest with them so they can help work out this issue.

If you do not go to school, I would suggest that it is imparitive to see a counselor or psychologist about your feelings on this issue.  Medications will NOT work and in fact it will only create more side affects that will make you unhappy and feel unnatural.

The counselor/Psychologist ( You can even find cheap ones at universities that have Graduate students that are certified but gaining practicing hours) will help you talk about the event, your feelings and things you associate with what happened in order to confont it and change  your pattern of thinking.  I know it may be difficult to see now, but you are not guilty of anything and if you don't talk to someone about it now, it will  haunt you for a very long time.  

I hope it works out for you.
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