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looking for advice please

hi, I am quite skinny and have a 'fast metabolism', or so i'm told.Low blood pressure and an iron defficieny means I get dizzy alot and i'm always tired, I feel sick if I eat too much and i feel sick if i go too long without eating. some nights i cant sleep til around four in the morning. And some days I just don't want to get out of bed. I also have a three year old so I'm always running around and using energy that I just don't seem to have. I can go days without eating anything and just drink tea. the headaches are the worst because they never seem to fully go away, they just ease off but the tightness and throbbing is still there, just like a dull ache. I feel physically drained which then has an impact on me emotionally. I have back problems aswell so with that thrown in I feel like there is always something going on with me. Ive seen lots of different doctors and they just refer me to someone else and so on... I would really love some advice please, I want to be healthy and I enjoy food so i dont know where i'm going wrong!
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I'm very curious, has your doctor tested you for thyroid conditions? Most of your symptoms are in line with it. Weight is not one of the factors for diagnosing thyroid problems. So, even skinny people have it. Symptoms include insomnia, waking up fatigued even after 8-10 hours of sleep, low BP, depression, irregular menstruation, cramps and muscle weakness, difficult bowel movement etc. There are about 70 types of thyroid problems, so some of those symptoms you may not have even if you have thyroid problems.
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There is a non prescription drink called Fortify you can get it at your local stores, it helps keep weight on and your stomach full( slows metabolism but you wont get fat). Try carrying around some special K breakfast bars and small 100 calorie snack packs. These fill you up and if your stomach doesnt growl, your brain wont make you think your starving or tired anymore from not eating. Eat some meat too, you may have an iron deficiency, meaning your not eating enough red meat, like steak.Try scheduling your baby on a sleep pattern so you can get  a scheduled sleep night, or at least more sleep than usual. Talk to a family member about the emotional toll it's taking on you, vent as to say, this will ease and mostlikely rid the throbbing because the stress is gone from expressing yourself. Drink coffee or coke zero in the morn ing to wake up if your headache is particularly bad on a given day, take ibuprofen.
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thanks or your  reply, I've not tried fortify but my doctor did advise to drink slimfast but still eat. so instead of using it as a meal replacement I use it for additional calories. I will try the fortify and see if that works better. I'm really bad for not telling my family when things are wrong, I just feel that because there always seems to be something, like a headache, feeling sick, dizzy or having my usual back problems. It's like im always moaning! My headace has eased off since reading your reply so thank you! :) it is true that talking makes everything that little bit easier!
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I also have problems eating sometimes. It's a stomach thing (too much acid. So  I feel sick instead of feeling hungry). I found that juices and carnation instant breakfasts work very well for keeping my energy up without upsetting my stomach. It's best to buy %100 juice (boathouse and naked are good brands) but it's even better to juice your own meal. There are a ton of recipes out there for creating whole meals with your juicer. Keep your eye out for recipes that are more about getting you the most complete nutrition you can get in one meal rather than juices that look familiar and sweet :) You would be surprised all the things you can juice that taste amazing but you just wouldn't find them at the grocery store. Good luck!
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