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negative thoughts and scenarios?

hi, for the last couple of weeks i've been having really negative thoughts and worst case scenarios that may happen. for example, my dad it's 1 hour late and it's not home yet i cant sleep i instantly think he's gotten into an accident and hurt himself of worst. or at night, i think someone it's gonna get in my home and kill all of us. or for instance, i travel a lot i'm always thinking the plane it's gonna crash or something horrible its gonna happen. it usually happens at night, when i'm about to sleep. the day i can keep my mind occupied. but i really don't want to have this thoughts ever again, i hate them and i'm scared of them. can someone give me some advice of how to cope with them?
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Dont be scared everyone has negative thoughts from time to time. You should try changing that negative into a positive or something that doesnt scare you. For instance when traveling and you think about the plane going down try changing that thought to maybe we will make it to our destination a bit early. When your dad is late, remind yourself that it is ok, that nothing happened.

I understand what you are going through I have to wait for my husband to pick me up from work and when he is running late negative thoughts run through my head to due to his health issues, and the past. But I then think about other reasons he could be late like stuck in traffic, or maybe he got caught up at work.

I think the reason this may happen at night more is because at night right before bed we are trying to relax our mind, and that is when the worries can sometimes try to take over. I have this happen to me as well. I once again try to change those thoughts to positive thoughts, or count the blessings in my life.

I hope this helps. If not and you seem to feel anixious you may want to consult a doctor. Praying for you.

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