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stress question...

Like all of us here, I'm stress and anxiety prone.  My symptoms have been weird for about a week and half.  Been to the doctor twice and they said virus.
Have had diarrhea, pressure in my head, some dizziness and noise sensitivity.  Today I've got it all focused on the right side of my head.  Feels like someone cut open my head and put a bowling ball in there.  My eyes water from the pressure.  I feel a lack of sensation by my ear.  
I have been taking some anxiety homeopathics and a nasal spray.  I really feel like I'm loosing my mind.
Any thoughts or similar experience?
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Have you ever had migrain problems?  I know that you have already been to the doctors twice know, however I personally think you should go back.  Not even a doctor can tell you what is wrong online.  More test are needed to make a diagnosis.

Do you or have you had a fever lately?
Do you have nasal congestion?

A bad sinus infection can cause alot of your symptoms, minus the diarrhea
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Sounds like you have a head cold and are congested.  That is why the doctors have said you have a virus.  Antibiotics will not work on virus infections.

You can take pain relief and also do steam inhalations as well as using your nasal spray.

When you saw the doctor did he look inside your ear at all?  With the lack of sensation, it may be the congestion or a build up of ear wax.

If you do feel that you get pain in your ear and your head cold and sinuses are not clearing up, or you start to bring up discoloured mucus, then go back to the doctor.  Sometimes with viral infections you can a secondary infection that is caused by bacteria.

If your ear is full of wax, your doctor will tell you to apply olive oil into it to soften the wax before he syringes it.  But do not put any oil into the ear until you know that your ear is blocked up by wax and not by mucus.

Best wishes.
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No fever and just nasal pressure and fullness but no real mucus. They both looked in my ears down my throat, took blood pressure and temp. Never have had migraine problems before.  
Thank you very much for your input. I think I will double up on the vitamin c and go see the doc again tomorrow?  I wonder if acupuncture / chiropractic visit would help?  It is just so hard to take feeling bad for so long.
Thanks for your help!
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Sounds like you have nasal and sinus congestion.

Steam inhalations can help.  

You may even have an allergy.

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Here I am, 3 weeks later and still am not right.  Did some acupuncture for sinus and stress, as well as had my neck adjusted and some relief but it still hasn't left completely.  Going back to the doctor tomorrow :(
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No doubt your doctor checked your ears to make sure there is no infection in them.

The congestion in the sinuses is a dreadful thing.  It has taken me weeks to shift it.  I do find that the nasal spray is helping to unblock the congestion and my ear feels a lot better now, apart from the buzzing.

As your doctor said that it is a viral problem, no antibiotic will help.  So it is inhaling, or nasal sprays, throat remedies etc.   If you do find that you start to get worse and the dizziness does not subside, go back to your doctor.  

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Went to him today and he ordered a sinus CT scan.  I'm very nervous!  My ears looked better today he said.
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I too believe that you are suffering from sinus or Migraine attack, better get your problem rectified on time. So that medication & cure can be made on time.
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I saw my doctor yesterday because of feeling so blocked up.  I have no runny nose, or fever, but am deaf in my ear due to blocked Eustachian tube.  

Doctor said to be patient, do steam inhalations with vick or olbas oil 4 (yes, four) times a day for 10 minutes each time.

I do not have an infection any more, and have no ear wax.  He said the other thing they could do is to cut my ear drum to relieve the pressure (No thank you - I will go for the inhalations and being patient).

Hope you get some relief soon.

Best wishes.
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