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stress related aches

I am a 36 year old female. For the past 1 year and a half  I have endured debilitating muscle aches in my neck and shoulders as well as insomnia. My doctor found no clues in my blood tests except a vitamin D deficiency which was treated and is now okay. The aches are confusing because they change-sometime they are on the left shoulder and other times they are on the right. This is why I think they may be stress related. I have also had trouble sleeping and have at times stayed up all night-sometimes in tears because i don't know what to do. My doctor prescribed sleeping pills such as ambien but they stopped working after a while. Then she prescribed flexeril which has helped a bit but I wake up feeling very drowsy. I joined a gym and i do some yoga. it helps but not for long- the aches always come back. I have had some stress in my life but things are better now and I do not understand why the aches don't stop. Also the ache are very intense during the week before my period (PMS week)- I end up feeling so confused and frustrated that a few time suicide has crossed my mind. It is a hard pain to explain-almost like the nerves are raw and something is gnawing on them. When I don't sleep well, they intensify and when they intensify, I don't sleep. It is driving me insane and has even ruined my relationships. What could this be? please help.
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It's actually about 4:30am and I cannot sleep- that's why I came online to research.
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Hello it sounds like you could be right.  Stress can cause your entire body to ache because you tense up your muscles when stressed, muscles are all over your body, so that's why the pain isn't in the same place all the time.  

You might want to see if your doctor can try you on a medication like Lexapro that you can take on a daily bases.  This will help keep your levels consistent throughout the day to prevent the see saw effect your body experiences with stress and anxiety. Lexapro is a wonderful medication that helps with both anxiety and depression(which it sounds like you could have too) and it doesn't cause the hang over effect that a lot of medications cause.  It might take as long as 2 weeks for your body to feel differently from this medication, so please be patient,  but everyone I know who takes it has had very good results.  

The problem with Ambien is it might help the insomnia for awhile but the cause for the insomnia was not being addressed, and it can cause a hang over effect.  Flexeril isn't a very good pain reliever anyway, and again it wasn't address the main problem that is causing your pain.  

I would check with your doctor about the Lexapro, continue to exercise daily, avoid caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates-especially close to bedtime, and take a warm bath nightly to help loosen up your muscles, and help with the pain and the insomnia.  

Good Luck!  Keep Us Posted, and God Bless Brenda
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One thing you should look into is lyme disease. My entire family have this condition. We all suffer from neck pain, muscle pain and problems with sleep. We never had a bulls eye showing we contracted lyme and lyme testing is very inaccurate. If you want to get this checked you should go to a lyme specialist to have it done. You live in the heart of lyme country. You can go to *******.***, sign in, and go to flash discussions then go to seeking a doctor and ask where there is lyme md in your area. There are lyme mds who take insurance but not many. You can have your family physician do the testing first and maybe you will get lucky with a positive result. The problem then is how is he going to treat you. He and many other doctors don't understand that lyme can be chronic and 1 month of antibiotics doesn't cure it. We have been on 3 months of antibiotics and still ill. My husband starts on I.V. antibiotics next week. If you have had the bacteria in your body more then one month you will be on antibiotics more than 2 months. We believe we were infected about 10 years ago. You should look up lyme symptoms and see if you have any others. It is difficult to treat and difficult to get a positive result on blood testing so, don't be fooled by what your family doctor may say. You can contact me if you need more info.
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I know you are wondering how this could happen all of a sudden. Well, the theory is that you probably had it for a while and you went through a stressful event, surgery or something that causes your body a lot of stress. This weakens the immune system and the lyme begins to take over. We have been battling many minor health issues until we went through a lot of family stress, I had surgery and loss of family members then our bodies went hay wire. It was like having the flue all the time. About 5 years ago we all started having to see the Chiropractor because of bad neck pain. We thought it was stress related because that is what we were told, it got worse. We started having muscle pain and other symptoms all over our body. I had problems with inflammation all over my body and ended up having surgery to remove an inflamed gall bladder. I hope you look into this to rule it out because the longer you have it the more likely it will have damaged your body permanently. Good Luck.
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i am at my late 30s too, i have been suffering from insomnia for such a long period of time. other than that, i don't know if this is sleep apnea but i usually woke up in the middle of my sleeping time and i can't get to sleep back anymore. it is very stressful and frustrating because i need to have a good night sleep since i want to be fully charged by going to work and taking care of my daughter. i never had any pills or medications to cure but only MX 5-HTP as to relief my sleeping disorder and to assist on with my stress.

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thanks everyone. @Donjoe341, I will look into lyme disease. I don't really know what it is so it never crossed my mind. Something I left out- I had my annual checkup in November and it turns out my white blood cell count is slightly low-does lyme disease do this?
They did another blood draw to retest last week and I don't have the results yet. The rest of my labs were normal. I am fairly healthy person- my weight rarely goes over 130lbs (I am 5'4") and I even had a HIV test done recently even though I don't believe I am at risk.  I am single and live alone so my responsibilities are not too many. I did go through a divorce 3 years ago and that was a major stressor but I feel that I am over that now. Could this be PTSD?  I dont like mental health meds but I may have no choice but to go for something like Lexapro.
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Physical pain is very much a symptom of PTSD, so is lack of sleep, emotional waves.... I am not a doctor, but I think you should speak to your health care provider and have them suggest a good therapist for you to go talk too.  You'd be amazed what you will learn about yourself, your issues, and how to better deal with them.
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