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114ml brain bleed left side

MY Dad who is 73 years old sufferd a very large hemorrage inside his brain on the left side, last tues. He has basic functions ie breathing smal  movement in his feet when touched, but has yet to respond to verbal commands. He has been trached and we had a icv filter put in. I was told that it could take a mounth or more before he shows any improvement on the neuro side of thing he can breath on is own in fact they have been gradually been weaning him off the vent. Is ther anything I should be on the look out for please advise.
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I am sorry to hear about your father's condition.The start of recovery after a stroke depends on which part of the brain is affected and the severity of the brain damage. Some spontaneous recovery does take place for most people soon after the stroke. Abilities that may have been lost begin to return. The process may take place quickly over the first few weeks, and then, it may be stable. It is a good sign that your father is able to breathe on his own and is coming off the ventilator slowly. The course of motor recovery becomes stable after an early phase of progressive improvement. Most recovery takes place in the first 3 months, and only minor additional improvement occurs after 6 months following onset. Recovery may continue over a longer period of time in some patients who have significant partial return of voluntary movement.
Please wait for the recovery to take its own course. Rehabilitation is very important in the recovery of the stroke patients. This phase usually starts while the patient is still in the hospital. It involves the team work of various therapists and specialists who work with the stroke victim to regain lost skills. With proper therapy, many or most skills may be reattained. As your father begins to respond to gestures or sounds, please arrange for a speech therapist, physiotherapist and a psychotherapist for a speedy recovery. I wish him all the best! Hope this answer helps you. Take care and regards!

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