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15 Hour Plane Ride After "Minor" Stroke

My mom suffered a "minor" (as stated by the ER doctor) Ischemic Stroke about a month ago, and wishes to return to Korea as she is depressed in America because she has no relatives.  Her blood pressure and cholestrol levels are normal, has about 90% recovery in her legs, and about 60% in her arms.

She takes 3 days of Occupational Therapy a week, and 2 days of Physical Therapy a week, both for 1 hour each.  She also goes to the acupuncturist every day.  Her medication consists of 80mg Aspirin, 2.5mg Plavix, Lipotor, and Amlodipine Besylate.  There is also some weird concoction that the acupuncturist gives...although I have no idea what in the world that consists of...(eastern medicine)

Now I have 2 opinions, 1 from the acupuncturist (whom I do not trust for a medical opinion), the other from her regular doctor (internal medicine specialist), and they both say she "SHOULD" be fine on a long plane ride to Korea from New Jersey.  I have yet to get the opinion of the doctors who treated her, as they are extremely hard to get a hold of...

I will also ask my dad to consult the top Stroke specialists in Korea, and try to contact the doctors that evaluated her, but meanwhile, I ask for your humble opinion.  

I am particularly worried as there are certain cases of healthy, under 50 people experiencing an "economy class Stroke" during the plane ride or afterwards, sometimes resulting in death.  As a 19 year old, I cannot bear the thought of losing my mother right now.  

I have already done searches on this website regarding plane flights, but they offered few answers besides the obvious.  Also, she will be boarding as Business Class if that counts as an important detail.

Finally, I told her of the precautions:  Do not sit for too long as blood clots may form, and to stay hydrated throughout the flight.

If there's any more help available, please assist me.

Thank you for reading this,


Concerned Son.
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Oh by the way, my mom is 50 years old, has consistent exercise, and on a healthful, low sodium, low cholestrol diet.
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