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21yr old stroke survivor

Hi, I'm a 21 yr old female who had a iscemic stroke 3 months ago caused by my pill. I'm almost back to normal now living my life which I was before the stroke.

I'm on clopidagrel to thin my blood which I need to be on forever.

I want to hear from anyone in the same age bracket - to talk to.
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hi there my name is jen.  like you i had a stroke at a young age, i was 24 and feb 2005 i had a tia on feb 10 and a ischemic on feb 13.  i was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, i would have stayed longer but i wanted to get the hell out of there!  it really felt like a constant hangover 24/7, dizzy the room spinning all of the time, vomiting 24/7, unable to move my whole left side.  i felt like a doll being poked for blood 6 times a day!  its gotta be one of the most horrible things in life for anyone to have to go through.  now a day there are still problems i have like not being able to run, wear heels, wisp when i talk, total uncontrol of my emotions like i laugh at everything.  life is definitely not the same.

so you had a stroke because of your pills?  what kind of pills? how are you now?  what kind of problems did this cause you?  its nice to have someone to relate to.  let me know.

------:) jen
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Hi Jen, It is really good to actually speak to someone the same age. Most people are in their 30's and above.

I had my 21st birthday in July this year. We went out for my birthday on the Saturday and on the Sunday morning I was in hospital, no warning signs as I was asleep and woke up with a major headache, went to the hospital and after 2 days in emergency they finally told me I had a stroke.... A bit too late to take any medication then.

They put it down to my pill because they couldn't find any other explanation. I was on the Levlen ED pill. I lost my whole right side of my body and 3 months later its all pretty much back to normal.

Are you serious? I find that now I smile, laugh or cry at the drop of a hat, its so annoying.

I'm getting married in February next year, only 3 months to go. After that my Dr's have said that I can try for a baby too. I think its a bit soon but the Dr's know better right?

Do you have MSN? my hotmail address is jacci_colb***@**** if you want to chat I'm always online.
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FYI:  If they think that the pill (hormones) caused  your stroke...then you should be very careful because your hormones change during and especially after pregnancy.  You should probably check with a high risk ob/gyn.

I was also on the pill for a brief period of time right before I got married and my leg got heavy...I didn't follow up with tests because the heaviness went away.  It wasn't until afer I gave birth that I had problems.  My doctors don't think that it had anything to do with with hormones, but they don't know for sure.  where are you located?  I have some really good doctors where I live if you want to speak to them.
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Hi C.F.

I am located in Australia.

I had been on the pill for as long as I can Remember and about 2 months before the stroke my dr at the time changed me to a higer pill (levlen ED) so we are pretty sure its that caused my stroke.
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hi. JQ

I was also on the higher dose pill when my leg got heavy>>>>>
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Wheoever told you need to be on a blood "thinner" for life is sniffing spacedust. Your stroke had a specific etiology, which was the pill. The half-life of that medication had by now resultedm in an insignificant quantity of nthe drug, which means you should have a normally functioning body. You are being presented with a standard stroke protocol, but one that is inappropriate. You need another consult, preferably from a physician who reads medical journals.
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whoever told her to stay on a blood thinner isnt sniffing spacedust,  they are right.  the reason hy they had her stay on the blood thinners is because unfortunately now that she has already had a stroke she is at high risk to have another, regardless of her perfectly "normal functioning" body. it sounds to me like you must have wuite a few medical degrees yourself, so you probably skipped that page in your medical journal!
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I also had a stroke and all of my top doctors said that it is more dangerous to stay on blood thinners for your whole life than to be off of them....especially if it was because of the pill!  For example, if a person on blood thinners were in a car accident, they would most likely bleed out.  I was only on them for a year and then I was put on aspirin and now on baby aspirin.  You should look into these options.
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And yes, aspririn is often an acceptable low-risk option.
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At for the life-long dependency on so-called "blood thinners" for an otherwise healthy woman in her twenties with a stroke of known etiology I stand by my criticism of her treatment protocol. I am reminded of the line by my favorite television doctor "Rocket Romano" from the show ER. "Have they even established they HAVE medical schools in Croatia?" Your comment Jen, that it is always necessary to continue on blood thinners" indefinitely has no basis in fact or logic. I do not recommend self-treatment. There certain circumstances where blood thinners would not be contraindicated, such as an elderly person with known atheroscheloritic deposits that permanently narrow the interior diameter of the blood vessels. My gut feeling is that this woman needs another (second) opinion - from an M.D. - preferably more than one M.D. The thing to remember ios that all medications that interfere with clotting mechanisms have their own dangers - if you fall off a bicycle and hit your head, for example, and are on thinners, you have a higher liklihood of bleeding into the brain - There is a "risk-benefit" analysis, and in the case of the young woman who posted I am concerned that this ratio was not adequately addressed.
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For the record, clopadagrel, or Plavix, is being pushed by Dr. Garret Fitzgerald of the University of Pennsylvania, as an alternative to aspirin that does not use the COX molecules. Bristol-Meyers manufactures clopadagrel, and is in the midst of a massive marketing effort to promote this expensive drug as well as keeping track of it's post-stroke utilization in a massive drug study, the ethics of which are getting mixed reviews. This is not to say that this drug is bad or harmful or to refleck adversely upon Dr. Fitzgerald. Many lifesaving treatments have been developed by the American drug companies. It is a fact, however, that there are many rice-bowls involved, and there is often more in the selection of a drug by a physician than meets the eye. Low dose aspirin has been safety tested for over a century.
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I definitely think you should get 2nd and 3rd opinion about lifelong blood thinners.  If you are no longer taking the medication that caused the stroke, then there are much safer alternatives to something as risky as you're taking--aspirin, garlic, fish oil, nattokinase, gingko, etc.
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