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36 yr old had 2nd stroke while out jogging

I was 2 1/2 years past my firt stroke and working out 5 days a week.  My second stroke was a total suprise to me & my doctor.  By God's Grace I'm doing good.  My question is does intense exercise put you at more risk?
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A lot depends upon the etiology of the stroke.

You don't have sufficient information on your "stroke" to come to a conclusion.

A "stroke" can be due to a clot blocking blood and oxygen flow, or a bleed.

Let us take the case of a stroke due to a bleed.

Hypertension could cause a ruptured blood vessel and extreme exercise could raise the blood pressure.

Generally such strokes are due to a pre-existing condition, predisposing to an aneurysm. Sharon Stone, the famous actress, has a stroke due to a rupture of a hidden aneurysm and was partially paralyzed for a year. She was jogging. The weakness had not been identified (probably from birth) and her exercise precipitated the rupture. This was an unusual presentation.

In the case of a clot, dehydration may be a contributing factor, and this can happen with a long-distance runner or anyone who exercises without proper hydration.

So the answer is, maybe yes, maybe no.

It depends.

But in general, all things being equal, exercise per se does not predispose one to a stroke.
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I am sorry you are suffering from these!  I am glad you are seeing God's grace in your life!  I was excited to learn from a tv show that the word stroke used in medicine actually originally meant a stroke from the hand of God.   I

Well, I believe exercise causes your body to need more oxygen, so if you have a blood vessel or vessels that are partly occluded by plaque, such as your carotid arteries (did they do a doppler of these?), I would think with the increased demand for oxygen by your body and your heart causing the blood to move more forcefully through your body and your systolic part of your blood pressure on the rise it could factor in, since they say high blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke.  But I'm no expert.  I would think you might ask your doctor if a mild to moderate exercise program would be more appropriate for you.

Are you on Plavix?  How's your lipid panel?  I have an immediate member of the family who had a TIA and the requirement for good cholesterol for those at risk for stroke is very high!
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Thanks for your feedback.  To my first responder I had a clot with no bleed and to the second I'm on aggrenox twice a day.  I've definitely become more aware of hydration and make a more consciouse effort to stay hydrated.  I went to see my neurololgist and hemotologist this past Friday and they both are referring me to a Cardiologist.  Trying to find out why to prevent another.
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I'm glad you are getting a referral.  So the hematologist didn't find your vitamin K to high or your prothrombin time being off, etc. regarding the clot?  Have you ever had an MRA/MRV of your brain?  I hope the cardiologist will do a doppler of your carotid arteries (if you haven't had that yet)!
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Well the hematologist took about 12 tubes of blood and I have to go back for the results and the neurologist took blood b/c the hospital said my kidney levels were up.  I don't think I've ever had a MRA/MRV.  Thanks for your feedback.  I'm praying for answers and healing.
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You might want to look into getting an MRA/MRV (MRI of your arteries and veins) in your head, since you've had two strokes to try to glean further info!  

Did you get an ultrasound of your kidneys pursuant to the elevated levels?  A sibling of mine had low GFR, got an ultrasound and learned after decades of life that they have one kidney that is congenitally very small.  Did you get a GFR (glomerular filtration rate) based on your kidney numbers?  

The Great Physician knows exactly what the problems are and is definitely able to heal.  He doesn't always heal here on earth, but gives grace to His children to get through one day at a time!
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