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Advice on finding a doctor specializing in senior care

Until my 88 year old dad's stroke (lacunar) in mid-Oct - he was working a couple of days a week, quite active, though often tired caring for my mom.who is beginning to lose her memory.  After 4 weeks of therapy, post stroke - he was told he was doing great & didn't need anymore therapy but to keep exercising.  He wasn't satisfied with his progress (still unbalanced, feet shuffling, etc.)& started more therapy in early January which is likely to end v. soon.  Again, they think he's doing great but he's not satisfied.  Not to bore you with all the crazy details but I (& he) was wondering if there are any doctors who specialize in helping elder folks recover from a stroke?  It seems to me that when I speak to his doctor or therapists, they think he's doing great but they seem to be envisioning someone more severely impacted by a stroke. I'd like to figure out a better plan for his recovery but not sure where to turn.  
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Read the book, Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine. it will give you more information on stroke rehabilitation than your doctors know about unless they are extremely well-read. The bottom line is that you are on the do-it-yourself stroke rehab program so strart reading, here is a fairly good list of books if you don't get the Levine one.
Here are the books I've read on neuroplasticity.
The mind and the Brain : neuroplasticity and the power of mental
force / Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Sharon Begley.
Train Your Mind, Change
Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to
Transform Ourselves by Sharon Begley
The brain that changes itself : stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science / Norman Doidge.
Neurological rehabilitation Carr, Janet H.

Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine The best book by far. This one is worth buying

Other books at least partially about stroke that I found useful;
Stretching / Bob Anderson ; illustrated by Jean Anderson.
While I can't do most of these I try to adapt these to loosen my spastic muscles.
The Whartons' stretch book : featuring the breakthrough method of active-isolated stretching / Jim and Phil Wharton with Bev Browning. This is the better of the two stretching books.
Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain This one came recommended from my OT. It helps me visualize what muscles are being used for what movements and has some excellent diagrams
of walking. See photos on my page in the MedHelp forum for a couple of examples from this book.
A motor relearning programme for stroke by Carr, Janet H.
clinical science of neurological rehabilitation,Bruce H. Dobkin
Willard and Spackman's occupational therapy.
9th ed. / [edited by] Maureen E. Neistadt, Elizabeth Blesedell Crepeau
Got some additional inhibition techniques for spasticity from here. Rood technique
Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function
by Jacquelin Perry, Bill Schoneberger
The body has a mind of its own : how body maps in your brain help you do (almost) everything better / Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee
Sensory re-education of the hand after stroke by Yekeutiel, Margaret
Hand and brain by Wing, Alan M.   not very useful
The healing art of qi gong : ancient wisdom from a modern master / Hong Liu, with Paul Perry.
Sensory Re-Education of the Hand after Stroke by Yekutiel Margar
The survivors club : the secrets and science that could save your life / Ben Sherwood.
Faster, better, stronger : 10 proven secrets to a healthier body in 12 weeks / Eric Heiden, Massimo Testa, and DeAnne Musolf.
One-Handed in a Two-Handed World (Second Edition) (Spiral-bound) by Tommye-K. Mayer
Still Here : embracing aging, changing, and dying / Ram Dass ; edited by Mark Matousek and Marlene Roeder.
Change in the weather : life after stroke / Mark McEwen with Daniel Paisner ; [foreword by Bill Cosby].
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