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Am I having TIAs? Only 34! Need opinion

I am 34 and 128 pounds.  Good health. Take only vitamin D and fish oil.

Last week I was standing in a shop, standing squarely, facing forward. Feet firmly planted. I had not just gotten up or anything. I had been looking at an object for a few minutes.

Suddenly (and it all happened in about 15-30 seconds) my left leg started side stepping repeatedly, making my stance wider and wider. In those few seconds my brain literally thought "why is my left leg stepping out to the side without me telling it to?". Then I realized what was happening. I was sinking down into my left side. My left leg and my body I think were collapsing to my left.  A lady was walking past me and I felt embarrassed almost hitting her. I think my leg possibly was trying to support me (hence it side stepping out) but it was like it was weak and I slumped over the side. I could do nothing but fold to that side in that moment. Like that side couldn't hold me up. I never fully collapsed but was able to catch myself but it was hard. I didn't feel like I was going to pass out. It was completely different. There was no darkness closing in around me. I've had that feeling once as a child. It was not this. It was like I didn't have command over my body for a moment and it was weak.

Afterwards I was very tired and light headed. I walked back to my car. Drove home (3 minutes away) and when I was about to get out, I reached for the handle of my car and missed it. I went inside. Sat down. When I got up my legs felt heavier a little for the next 20 minutes or so.

Later I decided to go into the hospital and get checked. The man said I was too young for a mini stroke (untrue) and really wouldn't consider it. After all I'm in good health.  When he gave me normal routine exam, touch his fingers my nose etc I passed perfectly. They ruled out a stroke (only with routine blood test and ECG/ also very simple neurological test give: touch your finger to nose, push again my hands/ pull my hands) and the doctor was very adamant that it could be MS (MS symptoms last longer usually than 30 seconds) and said I would need to get a follow up with a neurologist for an MRI.  He kept repeatedly "you are the perfect age etc or MS" and he almost looked excited.  He was a very young doctor probably doing the rounds.

Last year around the same time I woke up and was half dreaming at the time.  I remember sitting up though in bed, eyes open remember trying to tell my husband something half asleep.  But all I remember is as I was trying to say something to my husband I would try to get out a word then and....NOTHING.  As if all words have vanished from my brain. It was so surreal.  My brain was not just blank like when speaking and trying to find the "right" word. There WAS NO WORDS.  Like someone had erased my mind. I tried so hard to say anything, but nothing came.  I couldn't even describe what I was feeling into words. nothing.  I tried again and again. But it was like my brain would stop dead in its tracks over and over again.  But it wasn't like a seizure. I wasn't stuttering. The start over was deliberate. I was trying extremely hard to speak beyond one word but nothing would happen.   I believe all I could say was "I..." then nothing and again "I..!!". It was the scariest thing. I started crying and getting more and more frustrated and started to panic because i couldn't even tell him that I couldn't tell him. At some point I may have not been able to even say "I". I cannot remember now.  This went on for what seemed like forever but must have been a minute or two (could have been a bit less or more).  Finally words came back.  And I went to sleep again (after talking about how freaked out I was with my husband!

Does this sound like I am getting TIAs or mini strokes?  I was shaken up by both events.

Thank you for your time
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I am 35 years old and recently admitted into the hospital for a stroke. Neurologists ordered a battery of test and could not find any blood clots anywhere in my brain. I had symptoms early on several weeks prior to this emergency event. I loss vision in my left eye temporarly, my left side was numb including left side of face, ear, arm and fingers. I got extremely tired...layed down in my bed and didnt realize I was asleep for more than 4 hrs. My husband found me passed out during his lunch break on our bed. All lights on in the house and dogs had not been taken out so they had an accident in the house(restroom). Very strange and worrisome. I noticed my left side very weak and numb...very dullness to my arm and face and ear on left side. I had no sensation to the bottom portion of my arm and has still been that way over a month now.
I explained this to the ER doctor and Neurologist. A week prior to my second incident of a stroke I went into AFIB. I have irregular heart rythms and take Lipitor and Digixon to regulate my heart rythm. Was seen in ER for Palpitations. Dr's said I am higb risk of stroke because of AFIB and to follow up with my cardiologist.
I went home and 5 days later Im in Emergency room with symptoms of a Stroke. I couldnt believe it. I told my nurse Im just too young to have a stroke. One of my nurses said your also to young to be on Lipitor and Digixon. So everyone is different. I had 4 different MRI's and one of them showed buldging discs in C-Spine but was told wasnt Spinal Stenosis so it shouldnt have caused a stroke to occur or symptoms. MRI came back clear but no Angiogram was performed. I was prescribed Pradaxa and Lipitor along with my Heart meds and had to stop certain meds and herbal supplements I was taking. Garnica Gambogia. My Dr. Stated its not good to take with Heart conditions. Neurologist and Admitting Dr both agreed I had a TIA a month ago as well as Stroke that somehow was dissolved.
My symptoms did not leviate yet. They said I was very lucky to not have worsening symptoms yet I have to use a cane or walker for support.Very dizzy at times and have less strength in my left leg.  Going to receive home health rehab PT services at home and provider services to aid with daily grooming and whatnot. I noticed I dont remember names of certain places, what I use to do at work and other stuff...I just draw a blank. I have loss of some function in my left leg left arm and face. The symptoms have not gone away since. I now know I am at higher risk of Stroke due to Afib and irregular heart rythm disorder. Until Cardiologist figure out what to do with me I have to stay on new meds for the rest of my life as instructed to do so. I hope I can get some answers and get to finding the best Dr's to see what is going on with my body.
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