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Ambidextrous - Right Brain Stroke

The therapist tells us patient cannot reason or understand due to middle cerebral artery being blocked, causing a right brain stroke.    Within one week, could read cards, draw a circle, square etc. on dry erase board when asked.  Could communicate by board to check battery in car at home, by drawing which car and then battery to the side.  Has also drawn motorhome, with windows, basement doors and the tow dolly behind.  He has only began to speak few words. Moves left leg some, nothing with left arm as yet.  It has been one week and 4 days.  Was in ICU for 6 days. My question:  Would the fact he is "really" ambidextrous attribute to his remarkable mental ability?  If so, how to convince therapist where they will not allow a easy ride in rehab.  He is very smart and sneaky. Thank for the ambidextrous advise, could not locate that issue being discussed anywhere.
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In many ways, it's helpful that he may be ambidextrous - some of those people utilize both of their halves of the brain to do certain tasks.   But it's not as clearcut.   The main thing is:  he is making remarkable improvement and that's what's important.   He should continue with rehabilitation for as  long as is allowed and then outpatient rehabilitation if he's eligible.   The most recovery will take place in the first 3 months or so, but you may continue to see more later.   Time and stimulation are the best cure but a good rehabilitation facility is certainly helpful.
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Thank you for your insite.  He is not speaking much, speech thearpist treats him like a idiot, that makes him mad, then he won't do anything.  She thinks he doesn't understand.  His latest drawing was of the hospital, car then his home.  I think we know what that means.  Thanks again.  
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