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Amino Acids and Ritalin Helped Post Hemorrhagic Stroke

I have found two things that helped my wife recover from her stroke 16 months ago. First, I put her on liquid amino acid supplements. Amino acid sup. is derived from Whey which is derived from cows milk. It's the same protein body builders use. She became more alert and was able to engage in her rehab effectively. Next and after much research, I found that Ritalin would be helpful.  Ritalin is basically an amphetamine and has the ability to "awaken" the brain which, in my wife's case, is what she needed. It is sometimes used for inpatient rehab to help those become more able to participate in their treatment.
My 53 year old wife of 34 years had a major bleed and was totally paralyzed when she had the stroke. She was blind on her left side in both eyes. Today, most people can't tell she had a stroke. Not even her doctors can and they are simply amazed at her recovery. She walks and talks normaly and goes to work everyday. She drives but with me in the car. In my opinion, she has recovered over 90% to date.
Search the internet and READ, READ, READ. Take charge. Find a doctor who will listen and help.
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How did you get the doctor to prescribe the ritalin?  We just asked my dad's doctor about perscribing it and he sai  need t ge my da to a nueroloist for a consult.  That consult couldn't take place for two weeks.  I feel like that is just time lost.  
How long was your wife in rehab? My dad was taken out of rehab because he kept falling asleep.  That was about 4 weeks ago, at that time we mentioned to the doctor about perscribing ritalin.
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I had to go through several doctors before I found one that would prescribe the Ritalin (a friend of a friend thing). I had the same problem in the beginning with doctors. No one could or would right the prescription. Perhaps find medical articles on the Internet concerning Ritalin and show it to your doctor. When I did that however, certain doctors became distaint. I assume it was because they felt I was learning too much.  Never give up.
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Thanks... How long did it take before your wife starting showing improvement.  We are almost 3 months post stroke and getting a little concerned that he is not going to get much better.

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In my opinion, recovery from a stroke can be slow.  As I understand it, speed of recovery may be gaged by the patients health and age prior to the stroke.
You might want to ask your doctor if they would allow adding liquid amino acid sup. to their diet to start.  Apparently, stroke victims have a hard time with the uptake of food proteins.  Next, find a doctor who will prescribe Ritalin for say, just a week to see if that will help "brighten" the patient up (20mg to 40mg depending on body weight, 12 hour time release). What I saw with my wife and others around her was that if YOU let them just sit, the stroke patient will do just that. They will do nothing to help themselves. YOU must take an active role in their rehab and it must be everyday. I admit, it's a long, hard road but then I found, no one else was going to do it.
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You are completely correct... The therapists at the facility where my dad is seem to have given up on him.  I just don't understand why.  When he had the stroke all the neurologists and neurosurgeons told us that we would not know what my dad was going to be like until at least Sept.  But in July they had already given up on him.  My mom continues to work him every day, but it is not the same as therapy.  We are doing everything possible to get him back into therapy.

Is there a specific type of amino acid my mom should ask about.  SHe went to the heaalth food store today, but they said there were several types.
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The liquid amino I use for my wife is from GNC and is called "Superior Amino 2222"  Worked well enough that I now buy it by the case on-line directly from GNC.
I am sad to say that, despite this country having the best medical service in the world, it lacks considerably when it comes to compassion, especialy for stroke patients. As you may have already felt, it seems it's all about the money and nothing else. Stroke/brain damaged patients are easily pushed asisde by medical world. I feel it's because their recovery is so time consuming and there is little money to be made with rehab. Yet, I firmly believe that some stroke patients can come back nearly 100%, depending on the amount of damage done. The brain CAN heal itself or find a work-around. It does take effort though. Lots of effort. Nearly every hour of every day they are awake. I've learned that change is best too. Keep changing the rehab routines. Invent new, simple exercises. Hand held video games can be a great help. Even doing croswword puzzles. Their brains need to be exercised daily.
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