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Anyone has any information about Botox and Stroke Recovery?

Hi again everyone,

I have another question to ask. I was wondering, if anyone has any knowledge or experience with using Botox towards their stroke recovery?! I was e-mailled  some information with there has been clinical experimentation done with some stroke victims. Where Botox injections were used to help reduce or stop the stroke patients' uncontrollable spasmic muscle movements. Does anyone have any personal experience or knowledge with this sort of treatment?

  I have already seen a decrease over the course of time with my mother's own spasms but she is still unable to control her right side with her hand and leg. I am worried  at times as she is unable to stop hitting herself in her head and face. I am wondering if I should suggest this treatment to her doctor? So far, I have read that it has 50/50 chance to work in some patients. It has been 5 months now which I still hope and pray everyday that we will see some movement in her left side even a slight toe wiggle so she can start moving again from her partial paralaysis. There was no success with her accunpuncture treatment.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank again for all the support and knowledge that everyone has shared here. It has helped a great deal with coping to understand and help with my mother's recovery. I wish the best towards everyone's situation. Take care.
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Stuff on safety.
http://scienceline.org/2009/01/05/ask-storrs-botox -safety/ Botox will not magically bring back the antagonist muscle. I had it in my bicep and it allowed my triceps to work. i had to do a lot of tricep exercises during and after the time the botox wore off. I also had it in my finger flexors but my finger extensors are totally dead so i have to neuroplastically move control to another brain location first. There is no defined way to move control from dead areas. I am using passive movement,mirror-box therapy, thermal therapy and mental imagery to try to start those changes. Basically it may help if the opposing muscle still has some control available. One of the options for reducing spasticity is exercising those muscles.
My therapists also did not recommend exercising spastic muscles but that is an incorrect assumption now. here is an article on it about CP which i think also applies to stroke spasticity.
This book also reports on the controversy.
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