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Brain Stem Stroke

My 26 year old niece had a brain stem stoke on Dec 29, 2007.  She required brain surgery to remove a clot that was on the brain stem.  Although  she has survived the surgery I was instructed she wil never be the same and I am now seeing the lost and blank stare in her eyes.  Her left side has been effected as well as speech and attention span.  She has been removed from life support and now has a PEG.  When she awoke on New Years day I could still see some of the vibrant personality in this beautiful young girl and as the days have increased I see her in a deep depression.  She is a single mother with two young boys, 3 years old and 8 years old.  I fear lock in although she does participate in rehab therpy but then she is done and just a shell of herself.  She has no interest and wonders off to a place that is strange and different.  Her person is "just there", and has shown digression instead of improvement.  I can make out hand signals and some form of speech and it is vey harsh and demanding with a deep dis-connect on everything including her children.  Although she is alert and reconizes individuals and understands commands, her attention span is minimal.  Her depression makes me fear the worst.  She is in a TBI unit, but there seems to be a "backwards" movement on her mental state.  What advise, direction and hope do we have?
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How is your niece? Emotional problems such as depression resulting from stroke can result from direct damage to emotional centers in the brain or from frustration and difficulty adapting to new limitations.It is important to work with a team a rehabilitation team which may include the doctors, therapists and even  psychologists to help deal with the emotional aspect of stroke. Complete recovery is unusual but not impossible. Support groups, local or on-line, may be of big help at this point.

Take care and regards.
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