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Carotid Atery Spasm

Here Goes.
On March 27th I Had a massive right side shut down of my Carotid Artery. No Placqe. It felt as if someone crushed my right Carotid Artery. The pain was over a 10! Head felt like it exploded. Right Carotid was swollen and red per the ER Doctor & Nurse.
I have Atrial Fib and I'm on Blood thiners.
Plavix, Wafin & last checked I was 3.2 INR.
Can't take an MRI since I have a pace maker from 2008
Symptoms Left side:
Eye blurriness no vision on the periferal
Left llip droop, tonge unable to swallow, numb.
Left Hand in a ball & no feeling in the arm
Left leg numb foot drop

3 CT Scans w & w/o dye
2 Sona grams (dopplers) of my Heart & Carotid Artery way too late.
All Negative.

Nuerologists if they don't see it on a xray it doesn't exist. They think You R a nut case.
Let me tell you this is real!!!!
I've had 3 more attacks.
It isn't from my atrial Fib.

We found out over a year ago I have major angina Arteria Spasms using Noravask. Now we are trying to see if that and other medications will help.

We just had a Nuerologist at a Top Orlando Hospital have me see the Head Psychiatrist. He just laughed when he met me. He said I definately had a stroke. If you met me I have  all facial and left side signs of a stroke. They are defiately not mental.

This is being reseached in Germany. I'm trying to get Tampa General or a major Hospital to reseach this. I can't be the only one out there.

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Ok, have your doctors check your Circle of Willis, it must not be complete because 4 arteries feed it to make sure the brain gets enough blood. You don't need all four arteries working to supply the brain. An MRI scan should show the dead areas, a PET scan would be needed to show the penumbra. Good luck, but your doctors will plead ignorance
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I live in China.  I was told I am have anxiety, little depression and mental pain.


I live in China I am american...

I had a bus accident few years ago and had a brain hemorrhage.
SunYatSen 3rd affiliate observed me for one night and sent me home.  
I was hospitalized for 5 weeks after and had a couple plus years of rehab ON MY OWN here in china.

[b]RECENTLY I had a Stroke, was a TIA thank GOD ![/b][color=#FB1C03][/color]
I was taken to SunYatSen 3rd affiliate Hospital and the nightmare begins.
NO ONE in ER Diagnosed or cared about the TIA.  I had to ask the doctor to come and talk to me as he was ready to release me, and tell him my symptoms, that mind you were witnessed by 2 doctors and nurses at my tcm/chiro center.  Whom sent me there.
I had extreme vertigo, dizzy, eye impairment, then just stopped talking and could not form one word, as well as left side went numb...
I told the doctor at sunyatsen this and he said you had a stroke.
I said YOU THINK ?
I was then told I would be admitted to the hospital for 10 days and 5000rmb...
-  Told vital test could not be done due to TO MANY PATIENTS in the Hospital.
-  Testing my uterus instead of tests I needed.  ultrasound.
-  Running up my bill for unneeded medicines and other.
-  Keeping me there 12 days telling me it is to dangerous to go home but...  BUSED me to another hospital with NO ASSISTANCE to get the MRA.
-  Cockroaches, need more be said, and not one but dozens daily.
-  Smoking in rooms and hallway, caused an asthma attack.
-  Noise non-stop.
-  Told continually this is CHINA.
-  Told multiple different problems and then issues and contradictions continually that were explained away by misunderstanding, a famous ploy here in China for when they F-UP.
-  and numerous people sleeping in a room with 2 to 4 patients as the family aiding the person in the bed.  One room I was in I counted 5 care takers and every day several visitors including children running around.  and only 5 caretakers due to 2 people did not have anyone including ME.
TIA usually show no brain damage.  I was lucky and seems I have spasm in neck.  I was at tcm doctor when it happened and they were working on my neck.
The hospital the entire time was making me, UNKNOWN TO ME, out to be a mental patient.  
I was told I had anxiety and little depression and also mental pain.
HUMMM crappy conditions, no rest, migraines and headaches, and all the other had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  Lets not forget the TIA as well.
I went for my MRA and wow nothing,  The doctor was so excited to tell me this but then said OH WE FOUND THE TIA. ???????
Typical Chinese BS...
He had told my Private Doctor on the first visit I had MENTAL PROBLEMS.  On the second visit my doctor checked the MRA and saw nothing so when with the standard treatment for spasm in vein.  
THIS the Hospital does not recognize as anything.  They were going to send me home with cholesterol medicine and do nothing to prevent another TIA or possibly worse.
They made sure they pulled my doctor aside and said THEY FOUND NOTHING and I was OK, Just Mental Pain !!!
Doctors here are NOT DOCTORS and complete idiots.
I was lectured by them to no tell someone not to smoke, and tested and told what I already knew was wrong with me, BAD BACK and NECK.  I was already being treated for.
OH YES and they CHECKED MY UTERUS.  YUP first ultra sound was for my uterus and not my NECK VEINS.  which were done several days later and the mra 12 days later.
I lost my trip home to see my family, I missed the LAST 2 days of work, I had to cancel plans for the summer, I spent well over 9000rmb on all of this mess.
BUT you know I did not have a TIA, I am just Mental PAIN !!!
MY TIA was not taken seriously and I was treated extremely poorly and ripped off for treatment they did not think I needed.  
Basically, 1950's USA  Hysterical Women's Syndrome.  in other words, NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY !!!
There is so much more I could say but...  I'm really tired !!!

They wanted to dismiss me Friday evening after non descript IV Meds for what I do not know ???
I had to ask doctor to listen to what happened and he then said you had a stroke.
I was observed overnight then told I would have to stay 10 days at least.
Taken to Nero ward and jerked around by my neck. for neck causing vertigo and they hurt me and my neck and back.  But one vertebra popped in to place and made me feel better later, but was not good. I had sever headaches all week and still after they jerked me around.
Was told 2 problems, vertigo and TIA.
Later on Monday they told COCO was 4 problems, TIA, Neck/Back, vertigo and endometrioses (? I already told them I had that as well as back and was under treatment. They ignored me and did unneeded tests as well as ignored my prior tests. They never looked at my MRI of my Back or anything.)  
Days go by and I sit in room, noisy cant rest and getting sever headaches.  
IV's every day for unknown medicine which is aspirin and vitamins mainly.  I have 5 blown veins.  
People smoking in the hallway and I am lectured I can NOT tell anyone to stop smoking, but when I as then to stop the people they do not.  I had asthma attack and they did nothing for me, vomited and hacked up on the floor.  They left there.  Told Chris and I we were liars, by the doctor, when we caught someone smoking in my room.
I was told I was serious and COULD NOT LEAVE the hospital I could have stroke.  BUT they did not believe I had a stroke and dismissed anything that was wrong.  IE:  Neck/Back issues and Headaches, and asthma attack due to smoking in hospital and hospital room.  
I was told I was serious and COULD NOT LEAVE the hospital I could have stroke.  BUT it was ok to take a bus to another hospital, and I MEAN BUS without medical assistance or aid.  A Male EyEee came with us whom we could not communicate with.  (He was really nice)
I was told I was serious and COULD NOT LEAVE the hospital I could have stroke.  and all NEEDED and Proper TESTS for the TIA were delayed one week to 2 weeks.  First TIA NEEDED test was 7-8 days later.  They ultrasounded my uterus NOT MY NECK PRIOR. When I told them I had Endemetriosis.  YET I DID NOT NEED THAT AND IF THEY HAD ASKED OR LISTENED TO ME I had the prior test results with ME and told them I had to pick up blood work.  I WAS ALREADY BEING TREATED FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I was told I was serious and COULD NOT LEAVE the hospital I could have stroke.  BUT later told I needed a BODY CHECK FIRST !!!  AND was made to walk around the hospital with aid to go get testing.  Followed an EyEee around on my third day.  From one building and floor to another as well as made to walk UP STAIRS a few floors.  I could barely walk.
NEVER ONCE asked me about my thyroid and medicines I was on.  THEY Knew I had NO THYROID.  They checked the uterus that I had a test sitting right there they refused to look at, but not once was concerned about my thyroid.  Even a couple days without medication can hurt your body and system as well as be detrimental to your health !
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