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Cerebellum Stroke

In July 2009 my husband a fit healthy 55 year old with a para-embolic cerebellum stroke which involved the following blood supplies PICA /SICA.

It involved quite a large area involving  both sides of the cerebellum.

He has had  a similar episode 1990 when he was 35years old completing a masters in Mineral economics at

Queens University in CANADA. He also in the following year in Australia Groote Eylandt had a similar occurrence. He was sent to Royal North Shore and back then it  was then described as a migraine related stroke. Since then he seems to have had lots of migraine related symptoms.

After his most recent episode I have noticed that he has become much less sociable. He doesn't like noise and

conversation tires him.

He is a senior executive manager with a large mining firm.

I am becoming concerned that we are becoming very reclusive as result of his condition.

I think his emotions are somewhat depleted and this seems to be affecting all of us. He is showing signs of irritability.

What are the residual side effects of para embolic stroke and what can I do to help his condition and is it likely to improve? He seems to be very serious and doesn't like a lot of social activity. It is like treading on eggshells and I think I am getting more anxious.
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Dear Friend,
I apologize for a delayed answer.
There can be 2 major causes for these type of symptoms -
1) Stress related,  2) Stroke Related.

1) Stress Related -  He may be under stress due to Official pressures/ Personal reasons or maybe due to his present symptoms, which is leading into a vicious cycle. The more he thinks, the more stressful it becomes for him and results into his cutoff from the external environment (social nature).

2) Stroke Related - Which can be recognized by scanning only (MRI / CT scan). So it's very much advisable for you to convince him for a scan of the head / brain. However if the scan results are normal then we really need to plan the further course of action very meticulously.

The second part of your doubt was to know the residual side effects of para embolic stroke.
I would like to tell you that in stroke, we get to see the symptoms clearly and the treatment is aimed at the control of the symptoms. Whatever is not controlled via treatment is the "Residue" of the stroke.
SO i don't think presently i should comment on the same and can give you inputs, only after the scan results are in front of us, to determine the further course of action.
Feel free to discuss more.
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