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Chances for any recovery for 85 year old Grandma?

My 85 year old Grandma had a massive ischemic stroke due to Afib a month ago. She has full left-side paralysis. after one month, she can make a fist with her left hand, but no movement in the left leg at all and she needs assistance to even sit upright. She has no other health issues and is eating like a horse, but is still requiring a 24 hour 2 person assist. Is there any chance she will regain use of her left leg at this age and the fact that there has been no progression with the leg in a month?
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My Nana had a stroke 2 days ago. she is 93. Am following this. She has lost movement down her right side, but there is still some movement. she can't talk (she would so hate that). She was quite mobile before. I find the drs quick to write you off at their age. Its sad.
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This is difficult.  My aunt had a stroke in her early 70's.  She'd been a very active person playing tennis and still working up until that time.  This changed everything.  She never fully recovered and used a walker for the duration of her life.  Physical therapy and rehabilitation is the key.  Intense as your medical care can afford.  Often.  Doing things on your own that you learn from the therapists.  Watching for depression which is very high in those who have had a stroke.  My aunt was not yet what I'd call elderly and it still was very difficult to overcome damage done by the stroke.  Her left toes never uncurled nor could she use that leg and dragged it.  She was very unstable.  

So, I would put all your energy into the rehab situation.  The brain can heal but it is very slow.  My aunt lived after her stroke for about 5 years and then passed away.  She did seem better as time went on.  But full recovery was never made.  

But that is just her story.  Strokes are of different scales within different people.  Some have less damage and some have more.  I would talk to the doctors about what can be done to help them along.  It's really hard and I'm so sorry you have to watch someone you love struggle with this.  hugs
Thankyou for your response. My Nana passed away 2 days ago. She could smile but not talk, eat , drink or swallow. She was 93.  I do think it was for the best. My Nana had exceptional ly good health until her stroke just over a week ago. She would have hated not being able to talk.
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