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Change in memory after stroke

After stroke with medicine and physiotherapy walking is restored. But as an after effect of stroke after six months memory is affected. Emotional out bursts are there.Personality change is there. All the time does not want to leave care taker. Nonsense word speaking is there.If anybody here was cured from such problems with medicines or by any other treatment. I personally think that time is the only treatment. Please comment and inform.
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Hello nagrajjain,
All of the things you mention here are all normal after a stroke. Please do not worry about your personality change. You may did not notice it at first because all of your energy was trying to walk again and get your mobility back. Now that your physical recovery is going well, you are now noticing your moods, thought processes and speaking problems. Your emotions are different because your brain is different now. Wherever your stroke occurred in your brain, that spot is dead and will not come back. However your brain will not give up and it re-wires around the dead spot - it wants to be normal too.

Please do not try to get your "old person" back because it is gone. But your new you will be better. I could not read or write after my stroke but I can now. I did not speak well at all after my stroke but I do better now. I lost my ability to play music after my stroke, but that is coming back too. You are correct that time is best thing, but it comes slowly. Your emotions will calm down after awhile. I used to cry every day for 6 months after my stroke, but that is also gone. Once you understand that you are different that you once were, healing will start.

You asked if there is a cure, but unfortunately there is no "cure" but there are things you can do to yourself that will help you and your body. For me, I started an alkaline diet. I started with drinking a lot more water and made sure it was alkaline water or at least distilled. I also started to eat as much alkaline food as I could and tried to stop eating processed food that is usually acid based. There is too much to write here, but you can see my alkaline diet here:


This is not from a doctor or anybody else. It is what I did for myself after research and it seemed to work for me. My mental processes seemed to come back more quickly when I tried to eat and drink as many alkaline food as I could find.

I wish you well,
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Somebody confirming your views is reassuring.Thank you for suggesting alkaline diet. I will definitely try and let you know. I am care giver to my wife. She had stroke. I had two heart attacks.
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Yes try it and let me know how it works for you, and tell your wife hello and good health from me - her stroke gets better every day. Sorry about your heart attack, but I assume the alkaline diet will be good for you also.
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We both are suffering from blockages of arteries. She from carotid artries and me from coronary arteries.Why blockages in those arteries only and not other artries in the body elsewhere. Arteries can not be cleaned.Thank you . I will discuss with doctor too. I already like alkaline diet and avoid acidic things. At this age I have decided not to go under knife. I am 71 and she 70. Thank you once again.
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hi, how's your condition and your wife's? i'd like to ask you to google Dr. Dean Ornish Diet. It is actually for reversing heart disease without surgery and drugs. It is a diet which uses 10% fat and more on vegetables, and whole grains and no meats even fish. It is backed by scientific research so if you are interested you can look it up. good luck!
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kristine24 - Dr Dean Ornish -I am his follower. I have already readhis book. I do not know why authorities do not follow this. Thank you for suggestion.
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how is your condition and your wife's? wishing you a goodhealth all the time.
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We both are stable with medicines. At this age not much improvement is expected. I have vulnerable plaque in coronary arteries and she has vascular dementia. Both suffering from the same thing she in mind and me in heart. Thank you for your concern.
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