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Choosing a Facility

My Dad suffered a massive hemorraghic stroke on 12/29/07.  He is paralyzed on the left side, has vision and swallowing problems, but can speak/communicate well and his mind is very sharp.  He was sent to an acute care rehab hospital on 1/5/08.  They said that their goal is to offer high intensity therapy and get patients off to a good start.  Today. less than two weeks later, I was told that they plan to discharge him on 1/31/08 and that he will need to go to a skilled nursing facility.  The only help they offered in finding a facility is to go to www.medicare.gov and search nursing home comparisons.  The issue I have is that none of the nursing homes actually mention rehab.  My dad has a great attitude and is working hard at his therapy sessions.  Can anyone offer advice on how to effectively research and screen facilitities to ensure that my dad continues therapy with the goal of going home?  Thanks!
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My father was transferred to a skilled nursing facility about three weeks ago.  He was unable to go to an acute rehab because he did not meet the requirements of being able to withstand physical therapy for three hours a day/6 days weekly.

At the local nursing facility he receives occupational and physical therapy.  His therapists are OUTSTANDING. One by the name of Pat is worth her weight in Gold.  She and Victoria truly care about my father's improvement and well being.  

I agree with Pam and would suggest taking a drive to the facility if possible.  Check out the program, and ask lots and lots of questions so that you can make an informed decision.  It is important to get him continued rehab and to let him know that you will be there for him.  My dad is my heart and I tell him repeatedly that we are in this fight together.  He is currently making progress.  He unfortunately has a small bed sore that the is being treated but other than that he amazes me with his determination and progress.

Keep us posted on your father.  760-590-3338
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The best thing for  you to do is look up REHAB centers in your area or as much of an area that you can afford to drive.  It's imperative that you visit more than one. Use all your resources...internet, friends, references, staff and other informative resources that can help you decide.  Nursing homes really just take care of the patient with little or no rehab.  Do you have a HealthSouth in your area?  In bigger cities HealthSouth has a good name.  I wish I would have done the leg work when my husband had a hemorrhagic stroke in July.  I live in a small city and the rehab center was a nightmare.  It wasn't only my husband but I feel that many of the patients weren't taken care of.  Whenever someone would push the nurse button it would take them forever to get there.  My husband had some bad experiences there and I pray that he'll never have to go back there for anything.  It was so bad that I had to cut the therapy short a week.  The only good thing about the inpatient rehab center was that it did give my husband a good start on his recovery.  I think that's all it was for...to continue care until he can get stronger to do out patient therapy.

After my husband was out of the inpatient rehab center he was sent to a HealthSouth Out Patient center.  They were wonderful.  They worked with my husband three days a week (speech, occupational and physical) and he has improved considerably.  The outpatient therapy lasted about 2 months and now my husband is basically doing everything himself.  Only thing I have to do is remind him to take his pills.  Speech never was affected but he had speech therapy to deal with cognition and swallowing problems.  He was fine with a little limp..doesn't really need cane or walker unless we go to the mall or somewhere that requires more walking than what he can tolerate.

I hope all goes well for your father.  It seems like he's progressing rather well if they're talking about letting him out of the acute rehab center.  It's still so early in the healing process and your father seems like he's going to beat this thing because of his positive attitude.  Let me know how he does!
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