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Chronic Microvascular Ischemic Disease (Brain)

64 YO formerly very healthy, active female.  Lost weight in 2000, no weight issues since.  Exercised, ate healthy, never had a Cholesterol problem, blood pressure close to borderline 120's-130's, 80's.  However, blood pressure meds (imipramine) made pressure too low, so have not taken in 3 years.  Gradual start then escalation one year ago, loss of balance,  equilibrium, cognitive impairment, muscle weakness, tingling in face, vision problems, unable to do much, more weak and tired, slept more, exercised less, activities greatly diminished.  Discovered low blood sugar issues (follow low carb diet), and possible vitamin deficiency (treated with Liquid vitamins high in B's), both helped, but only came back 70%.  Two weeks ago had ministroke and was diagnosed with mild to moderate Chronic Microvascular Ischemis Disease in the brain.  I had virtually no risk factors for this problem, maybe from concussions in earlier life or genetic, who knows.  I am going to exercise more again, now take Lisiprinil(?), and a cholesterol med (even tho chol was 151, trig 39, hdl 75, ldl calc 68, aspirin daily.  I am concerned that there may be a bit of early dementia.  Appreciate any info on this disease and where I can research it further.  Thanks    
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Dear Friend,
Considering your age and Disease ,i can suggest you ,not to worry so much.
Be relaxed.
It happens to brain during /with the progression of some chronic diseses like High Blood pressure , Diabetes, High Cholesterol etc..
And there is no actual medication for this.
You can consult your Physician,for hypertension and consulting a nutritionist  may help  you to have better healthy cholesterol levels.
Go for regular check ups and Exercise.
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