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Complications of Untreated Diabetes
Dear Doctor-

My father (an extremely active, otherwise healthy man of 71 yrs of age) was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in early June of this year.  Subsequently, he unfortunately sustained a left hemisphere subcortical lacunar stroke (infarct) at the end of July.  Per his Neurologists' records, "he had no significant stenosis of his carotid arteries and no source of emboli based on his echocardiogram results".

There remains a question, based on his initial and subsequent A1C lab results, his Creatinine level being elevated and certain symptoms he experienced over the past 4+ years that there is a high probability he had been diabetic for quite some time, yet clearly undiagnosed.

Any information you can provide as to the type of complications that can occur when diabetes is left untreated for a period of time would be most appreciated. As we want to educate and prepare ourselves as to what the future holds for my Dad.

Thank you very much for your attention and response.

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Dear Kelly,
To be frank, diabetes if left untreated, may lead into all sort of complications.
If affects the various organs -
1) Kidneys - Diabetic nephropathy..... eventually leading to kidney failure.
2) Eyes - Diabetic Retinopathy......eventually leading to Loss of vision.
3) Brain - Stroke , infarct.....leading to paralysis.
4) Heart - prone for heart attacks , atherosclerosis.
5) Joints - eventually leading to effusion , infections.
6) Bones - Weakness and aids osteoporosis.

These are few of grave ill-effect i have mentioned.

So please get diabetes treated and controlled.
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