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Could this be a possible Stroke?

A bit of background first, hope you don't mind just feel it would explain things better.

Yesterday I was in the National Archives in London, we were signing up for a 'Readers ticket' (there form of ID pass) with my mother. Anyway, for some reason the whole place seemed a bit of a high stress environment, before when we have visited it seemed more relaxed so I don't know if it was a potential terrorist threat or what. Well, this signing up for a readers ticket in this room with computers entailed bringing two forms of ID which we had and filling out their form on the computer, not a lot it was what two forms of ID you had and below your address, though perhaps it was not laid out well.

It was at this point that my mother felt she could not do it, she's never felt at ease using computers, hence my being there, but despite my offering to help/do it for her, she said she would leave it (instead I would just register and use my card which we can do). It wasn't a really complex form but I don't think she could get her head around it like a mental block. I thought it strange why but felt it best not to press her on it or push her to do it as it felt like she was in some trouble both emotionally, tonally any in facial expression. Seemed apparent she didn't want any continuation that she couldn't manage it, even if I did it. She didn't have any obvious facial weakness that I could see or slurred speech so I don't think she was having a big stroke, but I wondered if she was having a mini/minor stoke of some kind or near a stroke? I know of someone who had a stroke some years earlier, I had been sat in a class and the lecturer didn't seem able to, couldn't focus or move onto the next thing to talk about but other than that showed no signs of stroke, but had one. So I wondered if this might be similar, the beginning of a minor stroke. The room was enclosed and stuffy, a bit hot and the staff member on duty came across as a bit stern at first, I did the talking on entry, plus like I said the feeling of a high stress environment, particularly this room, we both felt it.

So I was hoping for some advice on whether anyone with some medical experience/practice may be able to give some thoughts on here, casually. She doesn't like going to the doctors so has stated she wont at the moment as she's not sure if she had a stroke, but has never really felt like that before, but I said I would ask on here to see whether anyone might be able to enlighten us more on whether they think she might have had the beginnings of a stroke, on a informal nature of course, I wouldn't hold anyone to anything.  
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Also, forgot to put she felt a feeling across half of her forehead, not really a pain, just a feeling I think.
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The advice is, if there is any doubt whatsoever, head to an emergency room. It is absolutely impossible to make a determination one way or the other from what you relate.
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