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Could this have been a mini stroke?

Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache, which is unusual for me. Sometimes I get headaches from lack of caffeine, but I could tell this was not the case. I decided to take two tylenol which helped a little. I carried on throughout the day like I normally did. Running errands, going to the grocery store, and such but I could still feel the headache throughout the day. I came home to cook dinner and my headache was even worse so I took two more tylenol which only helped a little. I was making dessert and realized we had no milk, so I asked my husband to go with me to the gas station to get some. I felt pretty fine driving their but once we got inside, my vision went blurry. It was very difficult to read a single word, it was like my eyes were unable to focus.  After my husband drove me back home I started cooking again. I was measuring different ingredients and putting them into a bowl but I kept missing and spilling it all over the counter. My coordination was very off. Then a storm hit and the power went out. I was trying to ask my husband if he could see if anyone else had power, but I was unable to verbalize it. I literally couldn't put my words together. It was like I was in a awful dream where I needed to scream and couldn't. I tried to calm down and think the sentence through in my head but I couldn't do that either. I eventually got through to my husband that I couldn't speak and we went to the emergency room, but they just ran a cat scan and said everything was fine and sent me home. I know something was happening but just not sure what. Some people said it could be a mini stroke. Has anyone dealt with this before?
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if the cat scan was negative then no it wasn't a stroke. neither "mini stroke".

It might have been something else affecting the central nervous system.

Take note of the episode, keep logging symptoms etc. over the next months it's very important to do that.

Your symptoms in medical terms I think were mild Ataxia (bad coordination) and maybe Dysarthria if "mechanically" you were unable to speak.

Blurred vision could have come from something affecting the optical nerves. How are you feeling now have all the symptoms regressed completely? Did you notice a slight loss of vision or visual field? was there something with your nose too, like water leaking out ?

That bad feeling of wanting to scream, nightmare-like, sounds like Narcolepsy.

What you should do now is go to your Doc. and have him prescribe complete blood count, ESR, liver enzymes, serology. see if there's anything out of range.

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do a simple neurological test, the Romberg's test. look it up on Youtube to see how it's done. stand up straight with your feet joined together toe to toe lean your arms forward palms up then close your eyes if you wobble you're positive.

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I didn't literally mean I wanted to scream I was speaking metaphorically. A cat scan can still miss it though right?
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well to be really sure you should ask a Neurologist.

as I'm aware of even small ischemia are detectable in ct/mri scan.

how long did the symptoms last? strokes don't last very long they either regress or kill you. there should have been more going on, paralysis of the face, bell's palsy maybe. weakness in one arm or whole side of the body. a stroke that impairs your speech wouldn't have been so "mini".

moreover normally they are related with changes in blood pressure, for example after getting up in the morning, smoking, stress etc.

I understand that you want an explanation for what has happened to you, but it's not easy to tell and the doctors at the ER did what best they could do.

you should do complete blood count, check platelets and hemoglobin, ESR, check blood pressure regularly. if the symptoms persist consult a Neurologist, eventually you could repeat the scan but consider that it is best to avoid having injection of contrast, CT in particular also releases a lot more radiation that x-ray.

the scan they did is enough for now you stay calm and be confident that it is not a medical emergency.

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Well I went to the doctor today he said he definitely thought I had a mini stroke. I go in next week for an mri and blood work. Since I am 19 and this is so unusual he thinks it was caused by my birth control and suggest I stop taking it.
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good! MRI without contrast injection is harmless there are no radiations.

it could have been to early for stroke signs to appear on CT scan at the ER eventually they will be seen with MRI otherwise it will be a negative.

good that your Doc. is having you do the necessary tests but to say it was a mini stroke you should at least double-check his opinion with a specialist, Neurologist.

the medical term for "mini stroke" is Transient Ischemic Attack (TIS) look it up


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I believe i had a mini stroke yesterday. I was hetting ready to get out of bed and all of a sudden i became extremely dizzy.. nauseated..sleepy...blurred vision...i couldn't walk right ..i was mixing up words....we thought maybe my sugar levels were low so i drank some juice..it didnt help and i ended up staying in bed for a few hrs... doozing off and on...i continued with my day but didnt feel well enough to drive..u went shopping and as the day passed i felt better ..i went to have my hair cut and when i looked in the mirror my left eyebrow seemed droopy...i had a hard time staying awake during the hair cut ...but by the end my eyebrow was normal again and i was feeling better..we went out to eat dinnet and i brought the eyebrow up to my friend..and we discussed a mini stroke..so i looked yp symptoms..i had pretty much all of them including hiccups ...i feel better now....and wonder if i need to go see my dr monday..?
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Yes you should talk about it with your Doc. do Complete blood count and check your blood pressure regularly over the next weeks. also check your heart's beat per minute in the morning when you get up and again in the afternoon.

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Thank you!
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I had the same thing happen to me last week. But my ct scan showed a tiny tiny bit and it was a mini stroke!
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But the first ct scan I had showed nothing it wasn't until the second ct scan that showed a tiny tiny bit and the doc said they almost missed it. I've had a headache since last Wednesday so they gave me meds for it
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This is true! The cat scan missed my TIA. I had to have an MRI.
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