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Cyst in my brain maybe from a mini stroke

My doctor had several MRI's done last April.  My doctor didn't tell me anything except that it didn't show anything. Until last week did I see the MRI report.  I read it and not sure if I should be worried, or have another opion?

I will skip to the; Conclusion: 9mm periventricular cyst adjacent to the tempral horn right lateral v...  probable old lacunar infarct anterior left basal ganglia.  Minimal right maxillary sinusitis was immediately faxed.

I would like to know where this is located in my brain as well
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The location of the cyst is in the right lateral ventricle of the temporal lobe of brain. Temporal horn is inferior horn of lateral ventricle. It is the part of the lateral ventricle that extends downward and forward into the medial part of the temporal lobe. Temporal lobe of the brain is located in the temple region of the skull(side region that corresponds to the ear).  Basal ganglia are also located in the same region at the base of the forebrain in the temporal region.
Periventricular cyst is a white matter lesion that may result from hypotension, ischemia, and coagulation necrosis. Decreased blood flow affects the white matter at the superolateral borders of the lateral ventricles.This decreased blood flow to brain tissue causes it to soften up and eventually die, leaving behind cysts filled with fluid. After some time, these cysts may fuse together and enlarge or collapse. This affects body movements.

In addition to ischemic injury, the cyst may be the result of edema and hemorrhage that cause compression of arterioles in the white matter.

Generally there is no effective treatment for this type of cyst. Improvement of blood flow the brain and oxygen therapy may improve the symptoms and prevent further cysts from developing. Please consult your neurologist tom discuss these findings. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!

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Thankyou doctor for your information.

I have something that may or maynot be connected?  I have this raising n lowering feeling on the side of my head near my left ear and tempel area.  It also goes to the top of my head near the side area?  I'm not sure what it is?
I also at the same time having the feeling of burning spots in these areas, and now in one eye.  
This burning feeling is limited to feeling like a poke size area.  Also it has moved to the right side above the temple as well now?  It reminds me like being hit in the head with something and the raising N lowering feeling like what is left after being hit? So that is all I knowl

So now it is still happening maybe not that regularly.  But did move into my eye area too.with feelings of hot spots there too?
I thought because of the cyst in the lob temporal area of my brain if this might be connected? but don't know

Thank you for any information what it is?
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How are you? The symptoms of weird feelings in the temple area may be related to the cyst. A cyst may compress the areas of the brain adjacent to it. The symptoms may be due to compression of nerves that may be causing the sensations. Please consult a neurologist for the symptomatic treatment. Take care and regards!
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Hello Doctor

I was looking up neurologist, and waiting to hear back from my doctor for a name of one.

Also there is something else too, I forget things? werid, even things I do all the time like I know to turn at this corner but forget.  I forget other things too like names, etc.
don't know if this is any concern?
I also have very bad headaches like the one I had today.  I get them all the time too.
I also get dizzy they can last for a while, if they are good ones I can't sit up.  I have to wait them out.
Don't know if connected either?
I did have something in 2006 which cause me to go to the ER the next day.  The doctor there thought at the time I was having mini strokes. My blood pressure was like 239/ ? don't remember the bottom number.
It was very high.....and they kept me for several days. When I was in the hospital those days I didnt' see the same doctor, and the other doctor thought I was just having headaches?  Relase me and nothing ever was done.
I was thinking maybe this finding of the Cyst was the result of that time
I can tell you it felt like a steel door coming down on my eyes, and I couldn't walk strieght at all/ It was hard to function At that time I didn't have health insurance so my husband didn't want me to get any help// I waited til he left the next day to go for any help.  And my blood pressure was 250 to 239 when I got to the hospital.  That of course is when that ER doctor told me he thought I was having mini strokes.

I will try to go have it check asap because since then I had a hear problem and I had a stint put i
n last Oct 08 and I will be getting off Plavix this Oct 09//
Maybe not a good idea or ?

Thank you for you response and I am very grateful for your information.
God Bless

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Dear Ruth,
How are you now? You may be guessing right. Your single or multiple Strokes way back in 2006 may have resulted in the cyst. As I mentioned earlier, Periventricular cyst is a white matter lesion that may result from hypotension, ischemia, and coagulation necrosis.Other symptom of forgetfulness may be a long tem effect of the untreated Stroke. Did you monitor your blood pressure regularly after that? The headaches that you are getting now may be a warning sign that your blood pressure is raised even now. Remember a Stroke may occur a number of times if proper treatment and prevention measures are not taken. If you have a high blood pressure, you are always at risk. Please take proper treatment to keep the blood pressure under control.Please do not stop Plavix without the advise of your doctor. It helps in preventing further Strokes.  
Take care!  
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Dear Doctor,
Thank you for your posts, yes, I am still taking pills for my high blood pressure.
Although I been going thru several of these pills lately, I'm taking them/
I had an Stint put in Oct 2008 for blockage in my heart.  I so far can't stop Plavix.
I had a nose bleed back in July 09, Plavix probably with a high blood pressure
might of cause me to bleed?  I was  taken to the hospital \strange nose baloons to help stop the bleeding.
I haven't had another TIA that I am awear of?
I am going to see a speicalist this next week over the MRI that showed that Cyst.
I'm today wearing a heart monitor for the next 21 days to see if I have spikes even though I am no blood pressure pills.
I'm thinking that my memory or forgetfulness might be from the new med's I'm taking?
I have burning on the side of my face/head near my temple and ear besides my left eye
The burning feeling raises and lowers and comes and goes.....mostly on the left side of my head, The GP doctor thinks it might be related to the Cyst?  
The GP doctor said that I should be seen at least once by the Nuro type doctor.
So I will let you know what if anything they do/
Thank you again for you information.......because I had no idea, mostly doctors don't always share things with me....I have to learn to know what to ask/
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I'm a 45 year woman that had a stroke do to a hole in my heart six months ago. I had a good size stroke that left me helpless and couldn't sallow  or talk or my right side had no function so I had to learn to do it all again and I did have my hole in my heart closed. I now have pain that is goes from my back of my head down neck shoulder and arm to  hand. Doctor told me it is spasms but I don't see anything and it very painful and flexteral 15 mg don't do anything. Could these be seizures? They started 3 months ago.
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The symptoms of head, neck, arm and shoulder pain may be due to improper blood circulation or a problem with the nerves. The symptoms could be due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) vary and are complex depending on whether nerves or blood vessels or both, in the neck are involved. Generally only one arm is affected, commonly with pain, tingling, or just a dull ache. In TOS however, not a single nerve root, but a large group of nerves called the brachial plexus is affected, so the pain will be in broader parts of the arm mostly and also perhaps over the chest and parts of the shoulder and back. It is caused primarily from a subluxation of the first rib. The blood vessels to and from the arm may also be affected. Please consult your cardiologist and neurologist for the diagnosis. MRI of the neck, spine and arm may help in dignosis. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!  
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My john is 16 and we found out he has a cysts on the back of his head. I think it said 3 mm. The DR said it needed to be removed but why do it right now? We don't understand it specially when cysts, run in our family. I have had a few, and sugery to remove them..
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