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Diabetic Stroke victim with dramatic short-term memory loss... help!!!

My brother had massive stroke November; he is also a diabetic; He's at home now, but with significant short term memory loss; neuro-psych says he will never work again & probably won't get any better; says he is like an Alzheimer's victim; brother lives in mid-Michigan; we're struggling with the prognosis; his wife tries hard, but is having tough time with him and being "without" him to help support her and the kids.  Us brothers and sister are trying to help as much as possible, but feel inadequate, at best.

We are looking for help: a support group? a blog site? people in similar situations that might be able to provide some insight and/or advice? success stories? miracle drugs/treatments? voodoo? whatever? etc?  Help us if you can.

My brother has always been very active, damn smart, and independent. It is so sad to see him like this.  He's only 51 yrs old.

The diabetes only adds to the complication. They have a difficult time managing his diabetes because he has a tough time remembering what to do, what to eat, how much to exercise and when. His motor and speech skills are ok.

Please help if you can. Even commiseration is cool

Thanks everybody.

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Hi,  my husband is blind (has been since 1980) and diabetec (since he was five - so over 50 years) and is 57 years old.  He has been retired since 1998 (first stroke - very mild) and then had a bigger stroke in 2002.  He lost feeling in his left side.  He has had trouble with memory loss but since November it has gotten worse.   I have been his "caregiver" since i married him.  He used to help out more but since his last stroke has been doing less.  I have had to learn more about how he manages his diabetes and I have had to start directing him a bit.   My suggestion to you and your family (his wife and children) is to get more educated on diabetes, so you can help him with blood testing and figure out how much insulin he needs to take.   And monitor his diet if you can ..offer suggestions. Keep junk out of the house .... and encourage him to get some hobbies.  My husband does weight lifing with our 16 year old son.  I go for walks with him.  We have cats and dogs.  He loves the cats.  How about a book club?  My husband listens to talking books.     I have gotten a computer for my husband and have set it up so that he can use it inspite of his disabilities i.e. blindness.  He's got a phone list and this list includes the accounts that he likes to do stock trading in and all sort of other little details that he often forgets.  He'll call me three times a day sometimes to get the key strokes he needs to access varous things on his computer.  My husband was brilliant and it is hard to see this happen to a person who was so vital and amazing, so i know exactly what your family is going thru.  Just recently my husband and I enrolled in a pottery class together.  Its actually turning into a good thing.  Good luck.
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If you need some suggestions on AIDS to accessibility -whatever it might be...like special keyboards etc to accommodate special needs I might be able to offer you some suggestions having had lots of experience with my husband.
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Thanks to all of you.  

We just received results from a neuro psych.  He concludes that brother will not be able to return to work, drive, and requires close supervision on many of the activities he has a passion for.  It is sad, but he is alive and well.  

Any additional advice, suggestions, etc are appreciated.


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The latest medical research is pointing that alhzeimers is type 3 diabetes.
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