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Eating After A Stroke

My dad had a right brain stroke 10 days ago he is 72 and in amazing physical health. His left side has much more movement now than it did when if first happened, everyday he is getting stronger and stronger, but I was curious if anyone knew how long it can take for his throat to have feeling again, he has had nothing to drink and he is on a feeding tube in his nose right now, I am feeling so heart broke for his condition of not being able to eat or drink right now and I want to be able to let him know what to expect, since we have never even spoken to his neurologist and the nurses are to say the least not much help at all. I have been taking care of him and keeping his spirits strong, and I just want to take back some positive stories to him to keep his hope up!
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It was about 12 days before my dad was able to eat. He had the same type stroke.  Paralyzed left side.  They were getting ready to take him to surgery to put in a permanant feeding tube when one speech therapist wanted to give him one last swallowing test and he passed and was eating anything he wanted that night.  So don't give up.  Hopefully he will be able to eat soon...
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My mom(61 years old) had the stroke 18 days ago, left side paralyzed. She was with feeding nasal tubs in ICU for 8days, and then 2 days after ICU. After that her swallowing ability came back very slowly. In the hospital, they do the study to figure out when the swallowing ability comes back, as soon as they notice that, they will probably start to feed her some liquid like yogurt. My mom suffered a lot when she couldn't drink or eat, I exactly understand what you are getting through,...it is hearth broken. If you read my previous posts you will see how I was desperately seeking some info. Be optimistic, strong and patient,.... I am so positive that this condition is temporary and he will be ok pretty soon.  
Also, let me to ask you a question. I couldn't understand: you mean  your dad got completely  paralyzed and then he got the movement back in just 10 days???,....it is really amazing. How many hours does he do physiotherapy exercises? Does he have any pain to do the exercises? My mom has so much pain, so sometimes she refuses to do them,..
Hope for your dad speedy recovery.
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The time when swallowing ability comes back for a patient who suffered from stroke depends on a lot of factors such as the severity of stroke, the extent of damage or  his body response.  A swallow test involves seeing if a person can swallow a little bit of water without coughing or choking.

If the person has any difficulties swallowing, they will be seen by a speech and language therapist, who can assess the problem and work out a diet that is easy to eat. Some people will need puréed solid food and thickened drinks. A dietician will make sure the diet has all the right nutrients.

I recommend that you discuss this with your father's neurologist. Take care and regards.
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