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General question regarding T.I.A's / stroke

   To whom this may reach to,
     I am 37 years old and on March 15th of this year,I suddenly developed a "loss of co-ordinated speech" for about 5-10 minutes. It was not a "total loss" of speech, yet it was the "inability to form correct words" although I could "think them out" properly.I could think properly, yet my speech came out very wrong and staggered/slurred. I didn't have any other symptoms except for feeling a little weakened and I had a little tingling on only a small section of my right lower leg that went away before the "speech episode began".I experienced nothing else.Now I know if I were to have read it this online I would automatically say that it had to be a T.I.A. So I went directly to the hospital and these were the tests that were performed:

  - Bloodwork done
  - A "CatScan"
  - A chest X-Ray
  - An M.R.I.

  And all of these tests above came back normal, But I also have:
  - Anxiety (attacks)
  - Tachycardia (persistent > not on any medications,but under treatment so far)
  - Getting myself "worked up" when thinking about what happened.

    Nothing is worse then not really knowing where you stand. My doctor thought it may have been a "stress induced" episode yet I just do not know which way to turn as in > was it an actual TIA and the next "big stroke" is on its way? - regardless if all these tests came back ok? - or could it have been a small seizure or something neurological? What other tests can be done?
    Since this "attack" I have had no returning 'symptoms' such as the "slurred speech", etc.. although (as you may have guessed) sometimes I have "worked myself up" by stuttering a word out by thinking "oh no, is it happening again"? But a month afterward,(upon a stress situation) I seem to have "on and off again" though not very often of short-term memory problems which,well,when you read the "sudden confusion" or "confusion" as one of the stroke symptoms - it really scares you.Thanks in advance.

- Mike
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Dear Friend,
You are a real good analyst. But the problem here is that you are thinking too much in this situation and trying to co-relate this condition with Stroke.
I would purely give first diagnosis as Anxiety attacks, rather than TIA.....
The memory loss is justifying this even more... as per the situation described by you.

Please stop finding the real cause, as it may result in subconscious issues and other manifestations.
You are in a good health and shape of your life and it was an event that happened accidentally.
Hence forget it.
Please discuss... if you need any further clarifications, as i found it the best answer.
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