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General questions for a clueless person - looking for feedback

I posted under the 'stroke and awareness' earlier, but should probably have done some general questions first.

Subject:  87 year old mom who was self sufficient before stroke - had to use walker because of lower body joint problems - had right side nerve damage that was causing deteriorating motor control of hand/arm - able to navigate stairs with little or no assistance - unlimited mobility with assistance of walker or other support device - mentally sharp and VERY "INDEPENDENT" (read stubborn and cantankerous(sp?) here).

Subject had stroke about 2 weeks ago accompanied by fall and trauma caused by repeated attempts to get up and falling again.  

After stroke, she was in hospital for 3 days then transferred to rehab center.  

Condition varies from sub-normal awareness (knows who is takling to her and what happened) to relatively unaware state where she talks about random past events and has a problem recognizing surroundings.  

Also seems to have a personality reversal in that prior normal state was confrontational and post stroke condition is totally submissive.  

Has alternative days of awareness and unawareness.

Has slight to moderate speech imparement.

Has noticable fine motor control imparement.

Appears to have major motor control with no paralysis.


I am looking for feedback from others with similar experience on what to do and what to expect as reasonable rehabilitation expectations.

Thanks in advance from a totally clueless one.
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It is uncanny how exactly your mom and my mom are similar. She is also 87, prior independent, confrontational...anyway, almost exact.

she went in Feb 04. Her current rehab facility is the worst in terms of actual rehab. They don't do anything. For example, they have been in the process of decanulating her for over two months. The doctor ordered it. The staff didnt get the order. blah, blah, blah.

They are still feeding her mush (I sneak her in carrot cake).I'm the one who's gotten her to lift up a fork and feed herself on occassion.

I'm the one who's gotten her to write a little.

The rehab facility does NADA.

It's just the worst.

Her symptoms after all this time are much like your mom's. She has her good days and bad days. However, she has been in longer than your mom and is still having the same symptoms.

She can write her name some days, She speaks some days (often it's like she's forgotton how to speak with volume), she feeds herself some days.

I asked the doctor, who sees her about once every two weeks (can you believe it?), what about cognitive therapy? He replies "Do what you're doing and let her watch alot of TV" Gee Thanks! MODERN MEDICINE WHAT A WONDER!

The only saving grace is the nursing attendants. They are wonderful.

I ask a nurse to pay more attention to her and, of course ,the reply is "I have 30 beds to take care of". I feel like telling her that in Chad there is one doctor for 10,000 starving children, but I keep it to myself.

Anyway, this was more a rant then an answer to your question. For that, I am sorry.

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