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HELP: Think I'm having stroke signs

I'm 31 years old and about 1 month ago I was sitting on my bed and I wasn't feeling well. My right side gave out and I fell over and couldn't get back up. I laid there about 3 hrs. because my kids were sleep and couldn't hear me, but finally I forced my way up and sat there til I was feeling better. It took a week for me to have full strength back in that right arm.. I never went to the doctor.... My friend was upset and fussing at me saying I had a light stroke, but I wouldn't listen... Then  he had a stroke in front of me and everything that happen to him had happen to me except it was on his left side and his lip fell more than mine... His stroke was bad. I went thru ER a day ago cuz my BP was 222/148 and I was having chest pains.... They gave me oxgen and meds to lower it and pain killers to stop the pain in my heart and the pain in my right leg... When I got home I sleep for about 2 hrs and when I got up I felt worst and kept feeling like I was gonna vomit. Now from my elbow down is going numb slowly and it hurts a little, my right leg hurts, my chest still hurts and my BP keep jumping from: 187/115 to 201/122 or higher. As it jumps around my heart hurts. I called the hospital back where I went and they said that the numbness in my arm and some of my leg ain't a sign of a stoke... The doctors had a did a EKG and said that my heart isn't hurting from the BP.... ( It's not gas - cuz I'm having trouble eatting cuz of the BP being up) My twin lives in dallas and they cant control his either... Our mom died at 46, brother at 25, another brother at 31, my son at 7mnths, all from HBP but my son was from heart failure.... What is going on with my HBP... Am I having a stroke slowly???? I also get weak, dizzy and headaches... Why are they letting me leave the hospital......
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FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR/HOSPITAL. It would seem to me that your BP is too high and your symptoms indicate there MAY BE other serious issues occuring. It would seem to me a CAT Scan AND a MRI of your brain are in order.
Do you have health insurance?
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Your high blood pressure is very ominous, especially since you mentioned what has happenned to your family.    Don't delay, have it treated right away before it wreaks havoc in your body:  your heart, your brain, your kidneys, etc.    It is very likely that you suffered a stroke 1 month ago which means you are now at an even higher risk of having another stroke -- and the next one may be devastating and permanent.   You must treat your blood pressure, check your sugar and cholesterol and put yourself on a good diet.   Find a doctor or a clinic that will do a comprehensive exam and start you on medication.   Do it for your kids.
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I went to the er twice... I was admitted on the 6th and got out on the 10th and they did tons of test. I got about 6 ekgs done, 2 cat scans, 2 mris, and some other test done... I got in Fri and at 12am - 6am which that was Sat morning the cardio was called to my bed side where I almost died... They put a patch on my chest to lower my bp and things got out of control. I couldnt breath - struggling to breath from 12-6am and they thought I was going to stop breathing... this was very scarey... Now, since I've been out I'm still having trouble breathing ( chest hurts ), and very dizzy. All my test came back fine.. But my twin said go back something is wrong - he said he knew something was wrong with me the day before I went in thats why he had made plan to come see me the next day. My doctor want to see me first thing in the morning - please keep me in your prayers.
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OH... right now my bp is just jumping: bottom number from 67 up to 112 with constant heart pains!!!! Tylenol is working!!! & on top of that my head just spins..
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You should not be typing this if you're having chest pains and your BP is so out of control -- did they put you on medication before you left?   Did you have a heart stress test?    Tylenol is not the answer here.   Did they check your lungs for a clot?   Have you tried any relaxers, like Xanax -- they may help your symptoms, blood pressure as well as anxiety.

Try to sort out what is real and what is you having panics from all the symptoms you've been having this time - but do see your doctor soon.   Go back to the ER if this continues.  
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What's your diet like? Are you drinking lots of coffee, tea or soda? Are you taking ANY OTC supplements? Diet pills? Weight loss pills? Energy pills? Anything?
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