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Haldol for MRI sedation - long lasting effects?

They are trying to diagnose my mother for stroke - she's already in hospital.  She was in a coma, came out lucid but unable t speak or eat.  Because she is aggitated,, they needed to sedate her for the brain MRI, and gave her Haldon (halperidol) 0.25mg (they say) by injection.  She became a zombie, glassy eyed and unable to even blink. 30h later she was perhaps showing very tiny improvements, moving arms/legs slowly, but head barely at all. .She is way behind where she was prior to the MRI day. Unfortunately she was asleep before the MRI and moved to a new ward, so that staff that morning don't know her prior condition and I do not know if she woke up like this before the haldol, or if the haldol is having an accute effect on her.  Anyone know about Haldol for sedation for MRI in stroke patients?  How long it can last?   I don't know if this is an adverse reaction to the sedation or further brain trauma the night before the MRI
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I'm so sorry about your mom.

How old is she?

I found this study - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4616374/

Using Haldol and other antipsychotic drugs for stroke patients can have some serious side-effects, including death.

"Even if not always life-threatening, these complications can lead to prolonged hospitalization, delay in rehabilitation, poor functional outcomes, and increased costs of care.1–5 Acute neurological complications include brain edema, hemorrhagic transformation, recurrent stroke, seizure, and epilepsy.4,6 Psychiatric complications include depression, psychosis, confusion, and delirium.5,7,8"

I imagine it's going to be hard to pinpoint what is the haldol, and what is the stroke, which is really unfortunate. Can you talk to other staff - the ones from the previous ward who last saw her awake before the MRI?

I didn't find anything about if this is permanent or reverses itself. I'd definitely get her neurologist on board, though. If he's the one that ordered the haldol, get another one involved.

Let us know how she's doing.

Again, I'm very sorry.

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